Notice April Update - Known Issues (24/04/2019)

I have seen these bug ridden episodes in another game. Not saying its the same, but....

They used older versions of the game to make changes, this reintroduced old bugs back into the current version. Old BGSO players will know what I'm on about. I really hope I'm wrong.
These known issues are only scratching the surface of bugs that occurred as a result of this last update, and you still have old bugs to work out. You need more QA staff, the current amount is not enough. How about the fact that all canopies are made of paper now? When will that be fixed?
@picommander -- There are two types of ground installations that feature in Planetary Scan Jobs that have no security/trespass zone. One is labeled a Building and the other an Outpost. In both cases the Data Points are Public and need no security. This is of four types of installation used by PSJs; the other two do have Private DPs and Trespass Zones as well as other security like Skimmers or Defence Turrets.

So the training isn't in error, it just doesn't (and could not) cover all situations. Experience is the best teacher anyway.
What you say is only true for buildings, but even here trespass zones are way more common than not (but at least no danger here if you don't consider skimmers as "danger"). Almost all outposts have trespass zones (with some rare exceptions) and are private. Planetary scan jobs (with exactly this wording) are also just a subclass of these missions where you have to scan a data beacon and from all of these missions the easiest ones.

This training mission (the ingame mission descriptions are at least consistent this time) also suggest doing them in an SRV where in fact it's both safer and faster when doing them in a decent ship. Some of these missions would require a well shielded ship, but the latter would be impossible for a new player to solve in an SRV, but most likely also in a ship without some practice.

No, I stay to my words that this training mission lures new players into the illusion of total risk free missions which they only are if you know what you are doing and with a bit of experience. Something that is clearly not provided by this training mission.
@picommander -- I never said PSJs are the full gamut of planetary installation missions, just that they feature installations with no trespass zones. Frequency of this happening is inconsequential. Discovering how to deal with security setups is the fun part, and need not be a threat at all. Doing PSJs in ships is just silly, scanning the DPs is simpler in an SRV, faster if you know your business, and safer than a ship because you can completely avoid any deadly threat without firing a shot. Skimmers at Buildings are cannon fodder and even a new Commander should have no difficulty with them if they use a little common sense. Outposts with Defence Turrets can be stealth-scanned very easily with just a little attention to the layout of the installations. Since the 4 types never vary, it doesn't take long to recognize them from the air and respond accordingly.

For other kinds of planetary missions involving installations, there are no doubt differing strategies, but learning the basics is just that -- basic. Leave the Commanders to learn and figure out their own strategies, it boosts the feeling of accomplishment. There was no training for planetary missions when I started ED, yet I've never lost a ship to one of them and they have been a mainstay of my income since I could afford a ship that can carry the SRV. Some were real hoots simply because landing on the planet was a major chore (e.g., Mitterand Hollow) -- can't train for that, just gotta try it.
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Frontier? Why are you re-using code that introduces bugs you already fixed? Now this bug is back again. @ random deploy SRV and see how the game hangs during deployment and you have to re-log to be placed > 3 KM from your ship. Fantastic Frontier, just f'ing fantastic.
Hello Commanders,

We have been monitoring the feedback you've been making here on the forums, across social media and on the Issue Tracker. We wanted to give you an update on some of the concerns and bugs that have been raised.
  • Drag Munitions
    • Based on your feedback, we will revert the change that we made to Drag Munitions, changing them back to how they worked prior to the April Update. However, this is something we may look to revisit in the future.
  • Frame Rate Issues
    • We believe the cause of this is down to the 'FX Quality' setting in the graphics options. We're currently investigating a fix for the issue, but would recommend lowering your graphics settings in the meantime.
  • We are also investigating fixes for these known issues:
    • SRV damage multiplying when in multiplayer sessions
    • Module priorities resetting
    • Shield module turning on (after previously being deactivated)
    • ‘Restock All’ quick option not functioning
    • Buying/selling commodities is now faster – whilst using a mouse it will incrementally speed up, and when selling it will default to the maximum amount you have in your hold
We are not able to give you an exact date on when the patch with these fixes will be deployed, but aim to release it next week. As mentioned, investigations for these fixes are ongoing so times are subject to change.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Please fix also the Killmissions...I try to get a higher rank in Combat and kill ELITE ships in missions...these guys show up again...and again...and again....that sucks !
So as normal, the Devs are more concerned with fixing minor bugs rather than trying to fix the major issues that prevent Cmdr's from even getting back into the game at all. I am writing about the Adjudication error issues that prevent you from playing any more than a couple of minutes game time.
Sorry about the rant, but I have been playing this game since its original release in 1984 and have seen this happen regularly.
Fixing minor bugs is the first step. No one will play a buggy game. Glad to see they're fixing it, and with the introduction of training simulations, the pilots handbook and beginners zone I'm sure it'll help new players settle in. They also said that the next few updates will be player-friendly focused.
Elite has never been broadly less than buggy. Bugs come and go and come back, and the game is varying degrees of playable, but there are always a few glaring issues and countless more small ones if you look closely enough.

I didn't expect a bug free, or even a non-buggy, game at this point. I just want bugs kept to an appropriate minimum.
Agree with you there. I personally didn't encounter much bugs before the update - but they have already posted with plans for a new patch next week. (y)
Anyone know when this patch will be going live?
Monday when we get the 'improved' CG's?
Most of the main game ones are just irritating, but I was not expecting anything for veteran players this time around (the improvements for beginners must be applauded though).
My gripe?
They broke CQC, literally unplayable now.
And no mention of fixing it.
Anyone know when this patch will be going live?
Monday when we get the 'improved' CG's?
Most of the main game ones are just irritating, but I was not expecting anything for veteran players this time around (the improvements for beginners must be applauded though).
My gripe?
They broke CQC, literally unplayable now.
And no mention of fixing it.
They said next week so chase it up if it's not live by Friday.

It's pretty normal to have a few patches to fix an update, they usually come in within the first few weeks. Some will be harder to fix than others.

The number of issues unaddressed keeps building though, imo they need to sort that by communicating with their customers about the recent questionable design decisions and management of expectations over reasonable timescales.
Yea, a hotfix for power priority is needed badly. The game is unplayable unti it is fixed. This is literally a game breaking issue.
I've been doing some CZ work yesterday & today and have become quite adept at re-setting my combat ship's power priorities every time I drop into real space from supercruise. It takes me about as long as the hardpoints take to deploy now. Admittedly that ship only runs at 101% with hardpoints deployed to make sure it's not completely disabled if the Power Plant is damaged. I have a disabled AFMU but fortunately it's remained off so far (possibly because I haven't needed to use it yet).

The way the power priorities get messed up is really odd, sometimes it retains some of the changes I want making it actually take longer to set them correctly than it would if they were all consistently just re-set to 1.
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