Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch 1

ETA for the patch fixing the previous patchs inserted bugs ?

About an hour ago and it's live already :
I play on Xbox One and haven't been able to get into the game for around a fortnight (I can play for maybe up to 90 seconds before getting a black screen) - does anyone have any idea whether this patch might fix this? I have good internet, everything else working fine etc., it's just ED which won't run. Was fine before I went away for Easter (have been playing for a good while, lots of ships etc., never had running issues before).

Thank you for any Xboxers or mods or players who have any insight, and apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place. Took some time away from the forum and it all looks very different, so I am pretty much constantly confused. No, doesn't take much.

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