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They already know that a) players fiddle with the HUD and b) it makes the UI look bad. I'd have thought they'd be more sensible than that.
Unless... unless it's intentional? As in.. in-game real HUD manager stuff?! :O ... could also just be lazy (read: easier).
They've always stated that HUD colour hacking isn't officially supported and that the reason they've never supported it is because the colours are interwoven throughout the entire game and UI and that making it configurable is extremely difficult. I think we're just paying the price. It's a shame but I don't think we have a leg to stand on really.
New home screen is OK I guess ... although, from looking at this and a few other screens such as options, etc, it looks like having altered HUD colours is now seriously messing with the colours of these other screens ... shame, I may have to revert to a default colour scheme. :(

So you don't actually have a Canary Yellow Python?
I had to compare against my own screenie to see the difference - not good!
Still waiting for my verification email. Always been lightening quick before. Anyone else? EDIT: Third attempt at logging in, code arrived. ..At last.
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I have found a problem. scanning planets using the probes has issues: doesn't show any blackened areas(unscanned area), its all marked as scanned even when it says a % is registered. Which makes it really hard to fully scan a planet
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Ziljan, aside from some work doing PvP here and there with the dwe, you've not really sought out much PvP in the grand scheme of things. You're talking from a purely hypothetical standpoint to a bunch of players who've done nothing but engage in all forms of PvP all day (literally in many cases) every day for the last three to four years.

The only encounter that I've even heard of was your Harry Potter fight which you won by literally taking every thing he was spraying at you right in your face and having plenty of shield to spare. It was an incredible display of shielding and kudos to you for that, but in no way shape or form did it demonstrate the level of brilliance and superhuman (or theory for that matter) flying ability that you lay claim to to sell your point in this thread. When you talk to guys like Yamato you are in fact talking to a player who has demonstrated real combat genius at near god like levels on hundreds if not thousands of occasion. Your dismissal of what people like him are spelling out for you is arguably the greatest, most astonishing display of hubris I've ever witnessed...well, anywhere. When you get back from your trip, you really need to get with these guys to test your theories out with players for whom PvP is a practical reality.

Do that and show that you know what your talking about and I'll be happy to come back to this post and admit that that I was completely wrong.
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Anyone else had that supercruise work once, and never again since?
Sort of. It might be handy in some cases, but it takes up a slot.

Anyone been to a RES and found no pirates?

Edit: Autolaunch seems slow from Jameson Mem, waiting in que with other ships. Never done that before, but it's probably like docking, that you can override it manually, and let go of the controls just before you crash into the pad :)
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The thread seems to have served its purpose since attention was drawn on the concern of drag frag introducing another mandatory meta weapon, but looking at the signal/noise ratio, I still classify this thread as a dumpster fire overall.
well, this is an obvious 'are we there, yet?' thread, for the update. nobody is forced to read the full thing, i strongly recommend you do NOT attempt this, and deep analyisis and debate isn't expected at all. a bit of hysteria for an announced chance we don't really know the specifics about is just a plus always spices the wait up.

boredom, and no better news, is the keyword here.
In VR my Viper II's landing gear is now resident in the cockpit when extended, going away when retracted only after leaving the station - will check in pancake and probably submit a bug report.
That said, auto-launch is fun and appears to work without issue, if somewhat wasted on the Viper as it could fly out vertically and not fill the mailslot...
Took out my T10 the same way and was impressed, also gave a very nice hint where to aim on the way out manually.
Have the same 'restock' issue on both ships so a new bug. Otherwise pretty impressed, now to launch Steam and my alt, just for comparison.

Will have a jump around to see if supercruise is playing up...
I'm getting that Syncing feeling...
don't fret. updated in a breeze (5 mins) a while ago. bindings backed up. everything set: now maybe in a week or so i will be prepared to unfold my cockpit and play. with luck one or two patches later.
In the commodities market there's a possible bug in the buy screen. If you i.e. got a Cutter with 704 t and want to buy i.e. 524 Gold the buy-ticker won't stop automatically at 524 but at 704... Result is you can press the buy button until eternity and nothing happens.

Another annoying aspect is, before the update you got 1 step per klick and after a while holding down the + button it went to 10 wide steps. Very handy if you had to fill up a big ship. Now it stays at 1+ and it lasts forver to buy 704 t of cargo… meh
In VR my Viper II's landing gear is now resident in the cockpit when extended, going away when retracted only after leaving the station - will check in pancake and probably submit a bug report.
check our new and flamboyant 'bug tracker', no doubt it must be there because i have been seeing this in my viper for months now ...
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