Arbor Caelum, the canopy has expanded!

The ancient peoples of Old Earth once braved the deathly unknown and set out to expand their horizons. In vessels made by their own hands, they faced unspeakable hardships and fear in the hope that they would wake up in a new day and a new world.
Millennia have passed, but that intrepid spirit lives on in every human alive to look upon the vast splendor of our Milky Way. Now countless souls wander between the stars, plying the velvet black in the constant pursuit of the next rush of discovery. No matter the career, Arbor Caelum seeks to make a home for the homeless. With Arbor Caelum, where you fly, you fly in the verdant shade.

Greetings, my name is Tan Bin Phan Nguyen. I am a veteran commander, been flying since late 3304 and I've got a fair amount done in that time. The one thing I haven't done is establish an organization to foster the growth of my fellow Commanders. At Arbor Caelum, our goals are humble but we are steadfast in them.

Our hope is to promote the growth and advancement of our body of members. We aim to expand our influence not in the name of conquest or dominion, but to bring some order and sense of place to a chaotic and disordered universe.
As a member of Arbor Caelum [ARCM], you are subject to few rules and restrictions; the basic expectations of decency and good nature are a bare minimum. We promote helpfulness and an inquisitive nature, the galaxy is still full of wonders, we should not hesitate to pursue them.
We are now happy to announce the addition of our own Player Made Faction! Join Arbor Caelum in expanding our own region of space to call home.
Arbor Caelum is now partnered with Gilgamesh Corps. We are proud to offer a joint discord environment where pilots from both squadrons will be free to interface. This community will also be a clearing house for organized events from SRV races to canyon runs, with grand prizes for the winners!

If you are a new or veteran commander, Arbor Caelum has a place for you. Help us achieve our goals of spreading the canopy of Arbor.

Arbor and Ardor.

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The canopy on my corvette is exactly the same as it was before.

I must, therefore, assume that your claims of my canopy expanding are pure, unadulterated lies, my good sir.
AMNI endorses Arbor Caelum's efforts to ensure a high standard of living for Pilots' Federation Commanders.
However, AMNI also requests that Arbor Caelum not forget the influence held by CMDRs over the population of the systems they do business in, and avoid causing unneccessary conflict.
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We appreciate the endorsement, CMDR. And thank you for voicing your concerns. We have been very careful with our system selection process to ensure that we are not treading on anyone's toes. As I cannot speak for the potential of ARCM's future prosperity, I can only say that we will handle any future negotiations and expansions with dignity and honor. We are not destroyers or conquerors, we only want to do as life has always and will always do.
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