Are dino stats visible anywhere ?

Are the stats like preferred social group sizes visible anywhere in game other than on the actual dino ?
I keep having to trial and error due to not being able to remember 42 dinosaurs by memory...
considering the focus of the game is on dinosaur management I do think they need to expand on the dino stat visability

Unless I haven't found it yet (and admittedly I haven't looked) but I can't find out how many different species are in the park, or how many dinos of each species I have. Would be handy to have these numbers expanded out instead of just "you have 21 dinos and your dino variety is very good"

I think what would be handy is that when you open a creation lab there is a screen there that tells you what species and how many of each species are in the enclosure that the lab is connected to. That would of course not necessarily be relevant if you create a separate breeding paddock to transport from. Maybe also a way to get some basic numbers if you click on a gate?
Yea I hope I'm not the only one that finds this a little silly.
I'm fine with having to breed a dino first to find out but after that you should just be able to look it up.
Agreed - they have the dinopedia thing, but that seems to be mainly for fun facts, it doesn't have useful stuff. And a screen showing dinos w/births and deaths would also be good, though it must be said most islands are large enough it might not be of much use unless you could set alarms 'minimum diplos' etc
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