Are frame rate issues better if you create a complex building in the tool makers kit?

So, if you build a few different complex buildings with many different parts and rooms. Something like main street USA, it slows down the frame rate as there many parts that need processing.

If I was to make main Street in the toolmaker, would the processor see it as one building and allow for smoother frame rate?

By the way, I know there is a huge frame rate drop in any park with more then 4 buildings, 18 people and a pigeon. So any small amount of improvement is very welcome.

For the most part yes.

Creating a building in a 3d modeling program than exporting it is generally quite a bit more efficient in terms of poly count, so there's less to render, less to shade, and less texture maps to load overall.

The downside is that you've lost any real ability to change the building. Once you import it into the game, every part of it is baked-in, so you couldn't go and tweak things without going back into your 3d modeling program.

Also, keep in mind that the TMTK has a 8x8x8 size limit, which isn't large enough for anything other than a relatively small building, so in order to acheive a full building, you would end up breaking your building modle into multiple chunks, then reassembling those chunks within the game.

TL;DR - it's not very efficient or user friendly, but it does use less resources.
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