Are legs advocates happy with what they got?

You do appear to be missing that the lack of vertical AI is a design choice, rather than a failing, yes. Remember that the game is specifically designed to accommodate numerous control and display schemes AND a largely non-FPS audience. So the AI isnt really supposed to offer such challenges. So for its niche it has little issue settling upon the shelf alongside its contemporaries.

"It's not poorly done AI because they made it perform poorly on purpose so they could sell an FPS to non-FPS players."

I have to give it to ya, that would explain how they bombed so badly with EDO. Though this just shifts the stupidity from the AI to the implementers of said AI. Win?
Nah - my Dominator's already at G5 and I have a stockpile of regulators from abandoned missions. I just use it as a football.
I've already got my Dominator (just last night) and Maverick to G5. Still need power regulators in case I need to power on a settlement or to upgrade my Artemis...Bwahahaha... sorry, I can't say that without laughing.

Seriously, there isn't anything wrong with the Artemis suit. It's just I have no plans on using it anytime soon. Scanning lifeforms is BORING and ANNOYING. And this is coming from someoneone who goes crazy scanning every rock, plant, and animal in No Man's Sky.

Anyway, I have a back up G3 Dominator and G3 Maverick that I'll probably also take to G5 eventually and then put different engineering mods in them.

Bottom line: Always got more room for working power regulators! Now G-Meds and Health Monitors... ugh... those things are like tribbles! I have to keep selling off bunches to get them down from 120+ to a more reasonable 60 to 80 each.
AI is dumb as a rock. They swarm you, and only use cover if they are sharpshooters. I literally use it to my advantage by pulling them to me behind a crate, where I murder them with a shotgun.

If you want to compare to shooter of the same era, I suggest you don't. Odyssey is going to lose in almost every way possible.

I've seen all types go in and out of cover, not just sharpshooters. They're good at retreating when they get hurt, letting another one lead the charge, and continually swapping back and forth. Cutting edge AI? No. Top notch AI? No. But I would consider it "Good Enough" AI.

The only ones I've seen dumb as rocks are some of the civilians. Honestly, that's ok. Non-combatants should do stupid crap when forced to fight. I don't want to fight scientists and technicians that all moonlight as Navy Seals.

Honestly, the best AI I've ever played against wasn't from anything recent. It was the AI from the original Far Cry. Those guys were scary... the way they would react to any sound you might make, the flanking maneuvers they would execute, and how they could only be tricked by you throwing a rock so many times and then they would start homing in the source of the throw instead of where it landed.

Battlefield do that. Space engineer do that, and then some. And the database store already a lot of stuff, like if you drop a cat meme on the ground. It would just be about storing it until the settlement is reset. Not forever.
It's not impossible at all. Now, I know why it's not there (it would take time and effort to make it happens).

But since we are comparing it to the genre, it's only fair to note its absence.

Really ? No way to hide a body, to hide yourself besides crouching, no hacking camera and whatnot, no "non lethal weapon" (the only one is considered lethal), no silent back attack, no security hacking to turn aumated defense against NPC, no way to make a diversion (noise machine, remote hacking...)...

I don't play stealth game because I'm terrible at stealth, and I can see plenty of the stuff that are missing. In fact, it's worse in that aspect than Cyberpunk, which is hardly a stealth game, and have a ton of cut content.

Fair criticism on the lack of destructible terrain. I'm only letting it slide because I like the systems (security access/atmo controls/etc.) they have in place.

You are spot on with the complaint of no non-lethal weapons and no ways to move bodies. That is basic level stealth game play and I'm not sure why it wasn't put in this game. Even if they didn't want to code the body move/drag across floor/carry, they still could have made the energy charger's alt-mode non-lethal instead of lethal. Further, for silent, lethal take downs... give ma dang knife! I don't want to charge something up... just stabby stabby, or a well tossed throw, and down the target goes.
I understand the sentiment you are conveying, but I meant more so that it would explain why we see a lot of Elite players saying that EDO has great gameplay; because they don't have anything else to compare it to.
I play quite a bit of other games, so I have a solid foundation to compare EDO to. It's easy to see what is broken there, but at the same time, I do enjoy the FPS mode. It's not deep or the best designed FPS nor is the AI groundbreaking in any level, it has never been in Elite, not even in ship combat, but I do like the FPS mode in the context of Elite. It's fun and offers a nice breather in between the other stuff you can do. Sometimes it's just fun to be a spring-heeled killing machine.

I don't even get the bullet sponge accusations, it doesn't take that long to kill the enemies even with higher shield levels.
I am 100% convinced that most of Elite Dangerous' dedicated playerbase is made up of people who literally ONLY play Elite and never anything else.

Because I can't fathom any other reason that people think that what EDO delivered is anywhere near what a sensible person would call "good". Play literally any other game that is REMOTELY similar to either Horizons or Odyssey and it's painfully clear that EDO is stuck in the year 2007.
I mostly play Elite, true. But I also play KSP, Stellaris, Subnautica, NMS and other assorted games I like.
I played UT and Quake in their days, and am a big Stalker (another 2007 game) enthusiast.

Stalker blows EDO out of the water FPS wise (especially the Call of Chernobyl mod), yet still the combination of flying spaceships and foot pewpew somehow has grown on me. I'm unsure how long I keep my interest in the O part of Elite, but I guess I have spent quite a few AA title
playthrough times already on it, mostly to upgrade stuff.

No idea why you keep insisting "sensible" people won't find it good, this is all completely subjective.
I believe you when you say you think the game is crap, but others may like it.
I know the first person shooting element if ED is not up there as a dedicated FPS, but in my view, it really doesn't need to be as there is so much more we can do that a dedicated FPS can't, like fly our ships, drive our SRVs, scan for etc. There is a ton we can do that other FPS can't.

All it needs to be is fun, and in my view it certainly is that. Yes there could be more mechanics like dragging a body to hide it, maybe more ways of entering a building, and non-lethal take downs.

But what we have is a very solid and enjoyable base to significantly add more stuff to.

Is EDO a first person shooter, well god no. I don't know of any dedicated first person shooters that allow me to do all the stuff I can do in EDO, like fly my ship around a galaxy, being able to find life in space and scan it using my ship, driving an SRV and doing SRV things, doing space based CZ in my ship, trading, exploring, there is a ton of stuff I can do in EDO that cannot be done in a dedicated FPS. So comparing them is silly in my view.
I got EDO with the Lifetime pass. I would not have purchased it at the price they are asking for it, even now after the 'durp discount'.

If and/or when EDO gets patched to a respectable level I would consider it as meeting my expectations for FDev at this point. As a standalone FPS (which it is not) it is below average. As an exploration game it is way below average. As an improvement to the world building/immersive aspect of the Elite universe, it is to me a disappointment because it is almost literally the least they could have done. Most notably, wars are fought in what amounts to a single city block essentially, and that the area you can walk around in on stations is basically half a wing of a contemporary Shopping mall but is virtually identical in every one. That said, the additions as a whole aren't completely terrible and are all perfect stepping stones towards a fully immersive experience.

Will the ubiquitous shopping mall ever have more than half a wing, or will combat zones ever truly integrate combined arms into the setting or include Xeno encounters, or will flower picking become a truly immersive and non-repetitive experience? All these aspects and more clearly have room to expand and to me seem designed anticipating these expansions (the elevator click interface is obviously there to facilitate travelling to other locales on the station for example), BUT, Fdev has a long consistent history of teasing the literal and proverbial moon but not delivering.

The most salient example of how little work you can expect to be approved by FDev management is that their idea of increasing game content was literally kicking the goalposts away 5 notches. No reason given, nor with any promise that they won't just add another 5 notches later on because filling up bars that are now clearly meaningless is what people pay good money for apparently.

So EDO is a thing, and I'll continue to idle away free time on it mostly because of the community and because there isn't a similar Galaxy Sim to play that strikes my fancy. But unless they reveal some huge surprise by first quarter post console merge it's going to get 5 sighs out of 10 as usual.
You won't know until you try.

For me and many others, it's been great fun.

So many people have a so "great fun" that Elite is not even appearing in the top 100 games played in Steam and it's 23:30. Fact is that there was 27'500 people when Odyssey was launched only on Steam, now we got a peak of 8,4K in Saturday ... If the game is so fun, why people are no playing it ? Where are the circa 20K player present on Steam ?
Your phrase "many others" is only a construct on false evidence, numbers are saying a different truth.
So many people have a so "great fun" that Elite is not even appearing in the top 100 games played in Steam and it's 23:30. Fact is that there was 27'500 people when Odyssey was launched only on Steam, now we got a peak of 8,4K in Saturday ... If the game is so fun, why people are no playing it ? Where are the circa 20K player present on Steam ?
Your phrase "many others" is only a construct on false evidence, numbers are saying a different truth.
Maybe to do with the performance issues. You'll have to ask them.
I have always wanted legs, because that feeling of being able to go from ship to ground is super important. But ED it would not have cared if it never got it.

The problem is Odyssey is not just a "hah pro space legs people got screwed serves them right." Its a, "The entirety of this expansion is a direct downgrade for everyone."
The legs potion of the game is a complete joke, it offered nothing to make ED better when it very much could have added a LOT to ED that would have been meaningful but it did not, and thats the issue.

Unlike horizon which actually added content that benefited the whole of ED, by giving players a reason to get out onto the surface in their SRVs to pick up mats to engineering their ship, Odyssey offering literally nothing.
Odyssey gives us, no upgrades to our ship, no benefit or interaction with our ship out side of being a taxi, it gives us no meaningful rewards, it gives us literally nothing other then a bolt on FPS mini game to distract us from the already existing content.

At the end im looking at odyssey and think, wth were the devs thinking? this gave nobody anything even close to what they wanted.
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