Ships Are the NPC ship setups known?

My few observations, in no particular order: NPCs are engineered and use experimental effects. I went to a HazRes in a shieldless hulltank and was scrambled all of the time (thrusters and power plant). Interestingly some NPCs seem to use mirrored armour as they take next to no hull damage from lasers, even with corrosive shell added. The one issue I find annoying is that NPCs completely ignore module damage. They are always happy to wake out easily with the FSD at 2% integrity. My FSD starts coughing already around 80%. And concerning module damage I've got the impression that at least in PvE penetrator rails and HYS cannons are still and/or once again borked. Their module damage is nothing to write home about, every PA does more module and plain hull damage, not to mention gimballed multi cannons.
I don't think this is a wise assumption for NPCs. What's sensible for a flying pinata, meant to provide a light show until it pops, and what's sensible for most CMDRs, is not going to be the same.

I would not be at all surprised to discover that many NPCs under-rate, or even undersize, the thrusters on some loadouts (the Anaconda can get away with this with little performance loss) to provide more power for weapons, for example.
I suppose that is possible for some, but don’t think it would apply across all the ships. And of course it is a limited number of modules. I already assumed both life support and sensors are downgraded. On most ships down grading the power distributor would impact the ability to keep firing in normal combat and I haven’t noticed that. I also assumed they turned off shield, boosters, shield banks. Be interesting to know how they do it.
Well, you seemed to have doubts regarding NPC's legit ability to fight at 0 PP integrity - but maybe i misunderstood that
No I was merely reporting my observations regarding NPC’s powering multiple energy weapons at 0 power plant and my reasoning for how they do it within the game mechanics.
There is no end game in ED. Don't fly without rebuy.

I went into a threat 7 figuring it couldn't be any tougher than a Haz Res. It's just pirates after all ... I took on a wing of 3. I was much more cautious after that. Of course, I had no idea what escape pods were, so when my limpets scooped some up while collecting engineering mats and everything near by started shooting at me ... shakes head

That was when I started building and engineering dedicated PvE combat ships, instead of multi purpose armed traders, miners, etc.
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