Are there any real world rollercoaster plans to create from?

As in the title really - are there any plans of real world coasters to create our coasters from? Griffon from Busch Gardens and Saw from Thorpe Park are at the top of the list...

unfortunately no. most all coaster blueprints are copyright protected and are hard to get a hold of, (which is confusing to me as they can easily be copied by someone who really wants to by examining the ride) there are a few non impressive ones floating around, the best way to do recreations is a combination of pictures and google maps.

just to give you a tip on how i would do it, i would first find the birds eye pic, trace it in a photo editor of you choice. i would then use the photo editor (i suggest photoshop) to make the background of the image transparent, then you can use a program like this which allows you to display this over the game and you can make it "always on top" and mouse clicks go through, put your image over top in game, and trace with scenery and follow your scenery trace with the coaster editor.
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I've tried looking for them online with no luck. I think that the companies that make them will not release them so that competitors can't steal them. Corporate espionage is a big thing. If you requested a copy, they probably would flat out say no, ignore you, or send a polite refusal. The best you might be able to come up with is online photos, videos and a little guess work.