Arf's Holiday Message

Arthur Tolmie

Lead Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

As we approach the end of the year, I thought I would do something different. Instead of the usual Development Update, I would like to show more than tell; specifically around Fleet Carriers! We will have a full Development Update in January 2022, and lay out our plans for communicating with you through updates, streams and social channels.

Update 9

Update 9 is planned for release next week, with full patch notes published on the same day. Once we have a confirmed date and time we will of course let you know! Here are the highlights of what Update 9 will bring:
  • New Twin-Seat Combat Multicrew SRV
  • Mission extensions
  • Multi Limpet Controller
This update will also include a plethora of fixes and tweaks, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • Issues relating to inactive AI at conflict zones will now be resolved.
  • Issues relating to hatch breaker limpets when used on cargo hatch or escape pods on non-dockable megaships (Odyssey and Horizons)
  • Thermal Conduit no longer has the incorrect damage increase and is correctly represented visually.
  • Completing high influence missions will now affect Background Simulation as expected.
  • Stations no longer 'pop' into existence when jumping out of supercruise
One of the tweaks we have looked at based on your feedback is atmospheric lighting. I would like to share some before and after pictures of what you can expect with Update 9. These lighting effects will be noticeable when stars are low on the horizon.





My thoughts on next year

One of the biggest aspects coming in 2022, literally and figuratively, is the addition of Fleet Carrier interiors. There is a huge amount that the team have been working on regarding this, so as promised we would much rather show you!

Join us on December 16th for our Christmas stream! This will be our last stream of the year and we want it to be special. Along with the usual fun you would expect for our end of year stream, we will be taking you on a tour around a Fleet Carrier interior for the first time. We will also be joined by a member of the development team to help us answer as many of your questions as we can.

Please remember that what we show will very much be work in progress and not final. There will also be some elements we will not show, as we feel some things are best experienced in-person, such as the all-important jump...

Outside of Fleet Carrier interiors, the development team are hard at work on new features and mission types, such as settlement defence that I cannot wait to share more on. We are also reviewing and assessing a number of areas that you have raised, such as the Engineering process, but as I said, I will leave those details for January!

One thing I am particularly excited for is the conclusion of the Azimuth Saga. We have been delighted to see our community engaging with this story arc and we cannot wait to expand on it ;). The narrative team and I are excited to entertain, perplex and thrill you with what we have in store next year!

It is fair to say this has been a challenging year for Elite Dangerous but we are proud and grateful of our community. It is our community’s continued love and support that drives us forward each and every day. To quote the first American female astronaut in space and physicist, Sally Ride - “The stars don’t look bigger, but they do look brighter.”

From the team and I, and all of us here at Frontier: have a wonderful holiday and we will see you in black!

O7 Commanders


Calendar marked and eagerly awaiting to see what we will be discussed! Thank you so much for the update. Really chuffed about this!


Volunteer Moderator
Hello Arf and the team,

Nice info. I would raise a question.
Is there any plans to connect better the existing horizons mechanic's with new Odyssey mechanic's, f.e. the SRV scanner doesn't show organics - that is really a lost opportunity. the on foot player can't identify (his scanner show only npc&players) and can't pickup horizons materials . Without SRV you cant pickup horizons materials at all...
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