Parks Around the World in 80 Days (Working Title)

Hi Guys :) I've recently "completed" Tentifu Park, and will post an update for it soon in its Thread. I have started a new Park with the "Around the World in 80 Days" Idea behind it. The Park has no Name as of yet, but the Arabic Area, which is basically Part of the Main Plaza, is nearly finished. Here are some Shots of that Area :)

That's it for now, next up on the to do List, is the Dark Ride of this Area "Arabian Nights".

See ya soon :)
looks good - is the plan to finish this in 80 days?
No the Plan is to have the Park Themed after the Jules Verne Story. Every Area will be Themed after a different Country, after i am finished with Arabia i'll continue with Africa and so on. During the Areas there are different "Story Places"... don't know how else to call them... that show what mode of Transportation Phileas Fogg used to get here. It is a shame that i have no Animatronic with a Tophat really, but maybe i can use a static Animatronic and give it a Top Hat. We'll see.

But yes, that is the general Idea behind the Park.
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