[EMPIRE] Artemis Corporation: We Stand Together. We want you to stand with us.

UPDATE: If your current faction has dwindled down to only a few members and you're looking for CMDRs to fly with, Artemis Corporation welcomes you! We don't expect you to abandon your current faction to join us; if you'll abide by our Creed and PvP RoE while you fly with us, you're welcome to join our server, hang out with us on Discord, and fly with us anytime (or we'll join you, if you're doing something fun)! Stand Together with us!

Our motto at Artemis Corporation (ATC) is "Stand Together!" and we truly mean it. ATC is about forming friendships, helping each other (and our allies!), and having as much fun as possible in Elite Dangerous. We're easy going but also take our game play and faction objectives seriously. ATC is the place for you if you play on PC and want to
  1. explore, fight NPCs, fight CMDRs, trade, or mine.
  2. make enough credits to enjoy the game without fear of rebuy.
  3. experience close-knit camaraderie while also enjoying complete autonomy.
  4. get help with engineer unlocks.
  5. engineer ships and test new module load outs.
  6. fight wars and rig elections to expand into new solar systems.
  7. learn more about any aspect of the game.
  8. help others learn about the game.
  9. be part of unique community events and services.
  10. be randomly selected to receive paint jobs or body kits during monthly drawings.
  11. be part of the best up-and-coming in-game faction in the galaxy.
  12. have a great time with great people and laugh until your face hurts.
ATC is technically an Imperial faction due to our origins and location in Imperial space, but in practice we operate independently of galactic politics. We honor our own code of business ethics, but we don't care much about the political agendas behind the credits that pay our bills and keep our ships flying. We don't engage in Power Play and are not allied with the Federation, Empire, or Alliance.

Please check out our webpage for more information about us if you think Artemis is a good fit for your play style and goals. We look forward to meeting you!

Faction Overview: http://artemiscorporation.com/faction-overview/
The ATC Creed: http://artemiscorporation.com/creed/
How to Join ATC: http://artemiscorporation.com/how-to-join-artemis/
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In the last 15 months Artemis Corporation has:
  • Built a roster of 60-some commanders, including a core force of solid, dedicated players and a large auxiliary force of casual players.
  • Established ourselves in the Galaxy as an in-game corporation of the Saisiyat system.
  • Took control of Saisiyat and expanded our influence into seven surrounding systems, gaining control of ten installations.
  • Made alliances with nearly a dozen brother and sister factions and have maintained an enduring peace within 100 LY of Saisiyat.
  • Improved our combat ships and skills and used them to challenge combat pilots throughout the Bubble.
  • Built a reputation as friendly, helpful allies and skilled, efficient BGS operatives.
  • Left our names on celestial bodies in the furthest reaches of the Galaxy.
  • Earned billions of credits.
These are all impressive feats, but pale in comparison to the most important thing of all:

We have become friends and comrades forged in the fires of galactic combat and commerce. We have relied on one another in the Deep Black when there were no other human beings within 10,000 LY. And we have had an amazing amount of fun along the way.

Join us today, and help us make the future even better and more fun!
Artemis Corporation does not condone or use the cheating and hacking methods that have recently come to light. As far as I can tell, none of us use any hacks or cheats that would grant us unfair advantages, and we will deal harshly with any of our number who are discovered to use such hacks or cheats. Among the chaos and doubt that these hacks have created in the community, Artemis Corporation Stands Together, and I invite you to stand with us, should you desire to fly with professional CMDRs (outside of your faction. I mean) who play the game fairly with integrity and honor.
Hi Citizen Five,

I am interested to become your ally as well, want to know if you guys are Empire Independent or supporting a specific Power. Paresa is about 115 ly away from Saisiyat so I think we met the requirement of coalition. We are Nova Imperium supporters, we are a pretty new player groups but quite active, hope you have heard of us.

Your sincerely,

Hadrian Augustus Duval
Hadrian, we are Imperial according to our charter, and we reside in Imperial space, because we wanted Saisiyat to be our home system and we had to claim allegiance to the Empire to get it. However, in practice we operate as independents. We are a for-profit and for-fun corporation first and foremost, and we'll do business with anyone who will deal with us respectfully and honorably.

Artemis CMDRs are free to ally themselves with whatever Power Player they choose in order to acquire various ship modules, but none of us stick with any Power for long, and the corporation as a whole does not engage in Power Play. We stay out of Galactic politics, choosing to live and let live. Federation, Empire, Alliance, Independent - we don't care who they are or what flag they fly as long as they deal with us peacefully and honor any agreements made between us.

Artemis Corporation does not choose sides if two of our allies are at odds. We are happy and honored to arbitrate disagreements, but we never choose one side over another (assuming both sides remain neutral towards us). We consider our contracts and treaties with various factions to hold more significance and authority than some notion of super faction allegiance that was imposed on us artificially and externally by Fdev simply because of where we chose to live.

Artemis Corporation is always glad to make new friends informally, but we are careful and ponderous when it comes time to form an official alliance. We are open to the possibility of such an alliance with the Nova Imperium, but it would take some time, discussion, and deliberation to negotiate and establish such a thing, and I can't guarantee the faction will vote in favor of it when it's all said and done.

If you're interested in forming an alliance, please drop by our discord/virtual fleet carrier, the ATC Eris, and say hello. We'll set you up as an ambassador with your own embassy, and we'll see how things work out from there.
Artemis Corporation now has an Xbox branch! If you're on Xbox and looking for a fantastic group, hit us up on Discord! We'd love to have you!
New member of Artemis Corporation here! Been flying with this group for near a month now. Good peoples all around, diverse, and knowledgeable members that jump to help CMDR's from beginners to veterans of the game. Great home for any one looking for a solid team enjoy elite with.
I am one of the newest fully-fledged Artemis Corporation members as of time of time of writing. Having joined on the 14th of July, I found my induction to be quick and thorough and was immediately treated as a member of the family and given my wings on the 28th. In Artemis, there is something for everyone to do, be it trading and mining or exploration and combat, we even have a large diplomatic frontier with friends all around the bubble we occupy! No matter where you look, there's someone to help you and our large network of allies ensures that, even if we somehow do not have the information you require, we can find it easily enough together for the benefit of all.

Recently, we've:
• Expanded into a new system
• Started expansion into another (and prepared one more!)
• Started our road to victory in a PVE campaign
• and started work on a whole slew of new player events, including an inter-Ally PVP tournament!

... also my bank account has inflated 300% since joining so take from that what you will.
I look forward to continuing my career here, as well as hopefully helping new CMDRs much the same way I was in the future!

We stand together, I hope that you decide to come and stand with us. o7
Good afternoon Commanders! I would like to take some time to brag on Artemis. I have been with this faction for well over a year, these guys and gals make this game even more entertaining than just playing solo. We have an expansive knowledge of how different facets of the game work. We will also make you so rich that credits are of no concern. I came to this group after playing for a few months, really looking to gain more knowledge of the game and of course people to play with. It has been a privilege to fly with Artemis and move up its ranks. There is no question in my mind that this is the best faction out there, so if anyone reading this wants a great place to join, Artemis is the place to be!

We Stand Together! o7
Update: Artemis Corporation controls 19 stations in 10 star systems, centred around our home system, Saisiyat. The Artemis bubble is a prime location for traders looking to make their wealth with many stations offering the maximum 50 million payout for wing missions when you're Allied and Elite. Trading in a wing in ATC space can see CMDRs earn several hundred million credits in only a few hours.

We have a range of experienced CMDRs spread all over the globe who are willing to mentor newer players and help with the many nuances of Elite, this includes but is not limited to Ship building & outfitting, PvP/PvE, Anti-xeno Combat, Mining, Exploring, Unlocking engineers & guardian technology, Farming materials Etc. We are also very active in background galaxy simulation (BGS) activities and regularly have active states such as War, Civil War and Elections for out pilots to take part in.

Artemis Corporation is a lawful faction that does not condone griefing, ganking or attacking clean human ships in general. We are welcoming to all friendly players and would like to boost our ranks with like-minded CMDRs who would like to get involved for the aforementioned activities, however, we make no demands of our pilots, Artemis Corporation CMDRs are free to play the game however they want, whenever they want.

We are mostly based on PC but are also now recruiting members to join our Xbox squadron.

And don’t forget, this faction is in the top 1% of all factions out there!
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Artemis Corporation is actively recruiting explorers!

We understand that exploration is often a solo endeavor and many explorers see no point in joining a group since they are always alone in the Deep Black, but we want you to join us all the same. Exploration-specific reasons to join Artemis Corporation:
  1. We will leave you alone (if you don't want to play with others, we won't pressure you to participate).
  2. Don't be alone if you don't want to be. You can always hang out with us on Discord. No matter how far away you are in game, the ATC Eris will always be your home, and we'll always be happy to hang out with you. We discuss ED developments, other games, and much, much more. The ATC Eris is a hopping, active place. Rarely a day goes by without some sort or entertaining or informative discussion.
  3. Join our fun via multicrew. If you want to hang out with us and take a break from exploring, you can join us back in the bubble via multicrew and be a gunner, fly a SLF, or just have a front row seat to the combat action as we take on human NPCs and Thargoids.
  4. Let us join you via multi crew. If you find something awesome and want to show it off, you can tell us and let some of us see it with you via multicrew, without worrying about us trying to take credit for it. We just want to enjoy it with you!
  5. Be part of something bigger. When you return from an expedition, we can almost always use the sale of exploration data in support of one BGS objective or another. It will allow you to contribute to a larger cause even though you are gone most of the time.
  6. Make money while you're home. Exploration can be lucrative. (One of our members currently had a 10 billion credit cashout for exploration data.) But we can also make you some money quickly while you're home, before you head back out into the black. No member of ATC is poor, unless they just want to be.

We are still actively recruiting PC and Xbox players.
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Artemis Corporation now has presence in 11 system, 10 of which we control.
We are always looking our for players of any experience level to fly with us.
Artemis Corporation is still actively recruiting PC and Xbox players of any experience level. We are a friendly faction that aims to make the learning curve less steep for newer cmdrs by both helping with any questions relating to the many nuances of Elite and reducing the need to grind for credits to buy ships and modules. Artemis Corporation pilots need never worry about having enough for rebuy.
Is your squadron less populated these days? Is your ED Discord server slowly becoming a ghost town?

Over the last year (and especially since the September 2019 update) Artemis Corporation has noted a desolate loneliness spreading across the Bubble. We encounter fewer and fewer hollow squares on our scanner tables these days, and when we do find CMDRs to converse and fly with, we often hear a variation of the same sad tale:

Yeah, our squadron had a bunch of people in it six months ago. There was always someone to fly with and something to do. It was a party on Discord every weekend, and lots of weeknights too. Now we’re down to three or four people in separate time zones. Everyone else is gone. It sucks.”

Artemis Corporation has experienced some attrition as well, but we are still flying strong. Our motto is “Stand Together!” and that goes for all CMDRs, not just our members. And so we cordially and respectfully invite you to stand together with us.

If your squadron is suffering from attrition or low activity, and you just want some cool, laid back CMDRs to fly with and have fun like you did “in the good ol’ days,” we are here for you.

We are a multi-discipline PC faction with members that pursue most professions in the game, and we’re always eager to try new things (if you like to do something we’ve never done before). We don’t engage in Power Play, and we don’t grief or gank. Otherwise, we’re up for anything.

We are well organized and have regularly active players ranging from four-year veterans to CMDRs still in their loaned Sidewinder.

We are technically an Imperial faction, but we don’t have any issues flying with Federation or Independent CMDRs as long as long as they don’t hate on us for being headquartered in Imperial space.
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Hi looking for my first squadron to join.

I'm on PC (my time zone is GMT-6) and looking for some new friends to have fun with.

I'm very active at different hours of the day/night.
I've been playing for a few weeks now. Pretty self-sufficient and prefer the pve aspects of the game.
When you have a chance, come on over to Discord and check out what we have going on! We're glad to have you.

Hi looking for my first squadron to join.

I'm on PC (my time zone is GMT-6) and looking for some new friends to have fun with.

I'm very active at different hours of the day/night.
I've been playing for a few weeks now. Pretty self-sufficient and prefer the pve aspects of the game.
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