[Artwork] Elite: Dangerous & Expeditions Posters

I'm sorry for the delay, guys :| Been busy with day job, other Photoshop stuff, and some ED, but the poster is out now! :)
Qohen the things you do with PS are stunningly amazing! I love the final poster! Will definitely print it and decorate my new apartment as soon as I move in!

Right on CMDR :D
Fantastic stuff!

If I may suggest, I think Event Horizon movie and Jacques would be a good match. Also, Vanishing Point and CMDR Kowalski? [noob]
I'm throwing a new patch for expedition leaders! If you have led or are planning a major expedition (by Erimus' standards, so 25+ people), you can wear this patch with pride. As you'll notice, it's justalittlebit inspired from the Mission Operations patch of NASA Total freebie, do with it what thou wilst. Hope you'll like it!

2000px file: http://i.imgur.com/J10m76T.png
450px file: http://i.imgur.com/BFmo6Bx.png

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Nice badge, but... that speeding DBX looks like a landed one with its side thrusters lowered down. :)
After investigation, it appears that I had forgotten to retract the gear before taking my screenies... Erf.


I'm planning on writing a full guide on mocking up patches, so if some of you want some aspect of it covered, make sure to post here in the next few days.
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