Notice ARX and Frontier Points Conversion

Let’s see... before this whole ARX thing, if I wanted all my ships to be in “SWA Blue,” I would’ve had to pay over $160, assuming I didn’t buy too many SLF. After this whole ARX thing, it’ll cost me less than $20, and I can use the free ARX from playing for other cosmetics.

Truly, Frontier is a greedy, greedy, monster.
So if I understand this correctly some store items are a smidgen more expensive and some a tad less, we're talking nickels and dimes here right?
Ugh, I don't want to see the day Fdev decides to put a 10% price increase on all store items, the forum will explode!!

Oh and you get some nickels and dimes for free by just playing the game.

To be honest, I couldn't care less, when I realy like a paintjob or shipkit I'll just buy it, I did so before and never had to skip a meal or a pint of beer.
So much fuzz about a couple Euros which no one forces you to spend, if you don't like it just leave it then.
As much as im disappointed this update isn't more exciting i am amazed with people trying to spread doom over something that is A. Totally normal in nearly every video game B. The same price / mildly cheaper than it is today and C. Partially free.

Im all for bashing fdev when they stop talking to us for months but i feel like were scraping the salt barrel here....
Ah yes, the usual cash shop pseudo currency B S. You had until now the decency to sell cosmetics directly for cash, no conversion masking the real price, no point bundles leaving you with left-overs and all the other usual shenanigans. You even added the typical bonus points to larger bundles so people are incentivised to buy a large pile of points at once instead of only just as much as they need for a particular item. Way to go.
Frontier Points have been a thing on console since Elite on Xbox's launch in 2015. You're about 4 years late with your outrage.
Drug dealers give out free samples to get you hooked. Hmmm?!
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Los traficantes de drogas dan muestras gratis para engancharte. Hmmm ?!
[/CITAR] emmmm,not in my country...and in none
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