Guide / Tutorial ARX Earning Guide

Seems that selling high valuables in smaller batches been nerfed.
Did 4 jumps, docked, sold 324t of LTD in 18x 18t batches (20 something millions per transaction) then relogged.
11 arx, 1 being for exploration.
It used to arx waaaay more than that.
It's not about what you sell, it's about how much gets paid to your crew. Still works at the same rate of 1 arx/million paid to crew for me.
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Don't know if somebody mentioned it, but if you buy and sell middle-price commodities such as beryliium or insulation membrane (for the orbital station repairing, roughly speaking), you becomes also handful of ARX. For example, bying-selling 794 t beryllium gives you usually 8+8=16 ARX. Dunno if it works for all middle-price commodities generally, I'm only hauling goods for stations under repair now.
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