ASCII export keeps saying to small

Hello Toolkit Artists,

I have ha question, if i export it (blender) with the binary settings the animation won't work in the game.
And if i export it as ACSII i always get the error object to small.

Model is too small [ModelTooSmall]
"Model is too small : {'ZExtent': '0.06328964000547095', 'YExtent': '0.00434055', 'XExtent': '0.06328164'}"

I know this means 6 cm and the minimum is 30cm

I change the settings to cm and scaled up te model, but is keeps saying model to small.
i set the grid settings to scale 1.00 so if i'm correct one square = 1cm2

It frustrate me because i like to model and animate but cant gat it working in the game at this point.

Does someone know a solution ?

Kind Regards,
Usually the solution to this is to simply apply the scale of the model. If you have a 0.5m model but it's at a scale of 2.0, the importer will read it as a 0.25m model and you'll get the "too small" error.

Select everything in your scene. Go to Object -> Apply -> Rotation & Scale.

Make sure you've selected everything, including all LODs and your armature too! If your armature's scale isn't applied, that can also give the "too small" error.

If that doesn't work, one more thing to check is that when you're doing your LODs that you haven't accidentally made one of them too small. If you're trying to make a small model right at 0.5m, sometimes one or more LODs will end up at 0.49 when their geometry is altered, and that too will give the "too small" error.
Thanks it final worked,

i forgot to apply scale and rotation.
You can see the result in the finished items.

Kind Regards,

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