Parks Asgard || Viking Themed Area

Asgard, the place where the gods of the vikings live. And a place where a big coaster is being build. [haha]

This is my park. I'm creating a viking themed area. It's inspired by kukamonda and Silvarret.
It is still is in progress. I hope you guys like it!

It looks really cool! [happy]

Although, I just have to whine a liiiittle bit because I'm from a Nordic country with Viking heritage. This Viking styled buildings Kukamonda come up with is very fictional and beautified. Like from a fairy tale movie than actual real life Viking buildings in Scandinavia. [weird]

Ok, end of whining! [big grin]
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Looks great! Can't wait for terraforming and water to be added so I can try my hand at Berk from How to Train Your Dragon:

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