Ships ASP Explorer appreciation post!

It was my ship of choice in Frontier and F:FE (that single missile slot...). Now I'm switching from EvE online to ED and bought my first Aspx. Flew a bit, unlock guardian booster, explored few systems. Bought Phantom for better slots. Undocked it, tried to look around. Really bad canopy. Docked it. Switched to my farting Blue Betty. Aspx forever.
Just gone to a AspX and I'm liking it so far :)
Now work on the engenieering part of it, and it will be even better, A-rated thrusters with Dirty Drives and drag drives effect, A-rated power distributor, A-rated grade 5 FSD drive, with increased range and mass manager and a guardian FSD booster, all rest D-rated when possible, and i can easily go for 50 - 60 Ly jump range on it.
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