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I thought I'd start a thread to allow Asp Scout commanders to post some of their builds and uses for the Asp Scout. I searched and couldn't find a thread dedicated to Asp Scout pilots since the forum switch that didn't turn into a debate of what it isn't. I welcome all the naysayers as well but hopefully this thread can help shed light on what the ship is capable of with some love.


My journey to the Scout was purely by chance. I progressed from my sidewinder, to the cobra and stayed there for a while until i could afford an Asp Explorer. Took her out to a neutron star without a rebuy and immediately lost the ship after getting stuck in the exclusion zone. This was sometime right after the Asp Scout internals buff. I decided to give the 'discount asp' a try and fell in love with the ship. It has since earned my first half billion. While i have a fleet of dedicated ships for specific roles the Asp Scout is my workhorse. Its my mission runner, my bounty hunter and my combat ship.

The Collector

My go to role for the ship is collector and general mission runner:

Lightweight Reactive Surface Composite with Deep plating is standard. The one interchangeable piece here is the HRP which can be either fitted with whats shown or replaced with a Class 3 Thermal Resistance HRP. In this build I've elected for increased absolute hull points.

Power and Drives
The PP is G4 Low Emission monstered. G5 produces too little power for a flexible build and I've been forced to engineer a second G3 Low Emission to handle some other unique setups. The G5 dirty drives are fitted with thermal spread to take a bit of the edge off of my heat. This allows my signature to stay under 20% in most cases with shields and booster online while still at full throttle. Otherwise with drag drives my heat settles around 22%. When I need to smuggle and make sure i'm under threshold the shields, booster, FSD, power distributer, cargo hatch and limpets go offline and I sneak into stations with a 16% heat signature.

NPC's, even elite ones, don't seem to over engineer their drives so i've found that none can maintain a speed of greater than 320 m/s. This puts the asp scout right at the edge for being faster than anything that can chase it in PvE. roughly speaking in terms of straight line speed against a G5 DD PvP build the biggest threats to the scout are medium ships that can fly faster: the python, krait, chieftan, FDL, mamba, asp explorer, DBX and clipper (notice its faster than all of the federal ships thought the FAS does have better top boost). because of its superior agility (only the sidewinder, eagle and vulture are better) it can be 'faster' by turning into an opponent gaining distance while its opponent lumbers in turn. because of this the python, aspX and DBX cease to be threats who can dictate a fight which leaves the Krait, FDL, Chieftan and Mamba as its main threats. The deadliest ships in the game in my opinion. Regardless, in PvE you will be able to dictate every battle.

Side Note: one of the most nimble ships in super cruise. its greatest defense in open is its ability to fend off interdictions. its speed and fire power deficiencies against monster PvP builds becomes moot if they cant win interdiction. and because its so nimble in SC its hard to get behind an aware Asp Scout pilot in the first place.​

This changes depending on the mission. Normal mission running will see a G5 shielded double braced FSD fitted, replaced with a long range unit when i need to shovel across the bubble quick or explore.

Additional Core Internals
PD is what you expect. Charge enhanced on a wonderful Class 4 PD. I've played around with weapon enhanced to great effect but I love the perma boost charge enhanced offers. The life support is A rated since this build is unable to maintain life support, thrusters and FSD under 40%.

Lastly a scout needs to see, so the long range class 4 sensors give me visibility up to 12km out.

Optional Internals
The staples of this build are the 4C thermal resist bi weave, 3D guardian shield reinforcement, 3D HRP and 2D MRP. The rest are replaceable depending on the mission.

This changes quite a bit but is driven by the need for high engine pips to maintain the ships superior agility. Because of this kinetic weapons dominate my weapon builds coupled well placed overcharged laser/absolute weaponry to take advantage of the Class 4 PD.

What I'm looking for here is the ability to engage any opponent and present a threat. I keep a bounty with the empire, always have valuable cargo and are typically running several missions. So my targets are primarily small dangerous+ bounty hunters and dangerous+ medium/large ships as mission targets. Elite Vipers are my nemesis because of their zoom and boom and never flying in a straight line. Because of this I've recently settled on 2 overcharged fixed small beams, which is like having a single efficient or G1 overcharged class 3 beam laser and 2 short range medium cannons with auto loader. strip shields, then target the power plant. when i'm against a large elite conda i can typically widdle it down but i mostly bait them into high sec systems to have them face a crowd. often a bounty hunter will drop in while i'm fighting a pirate and they go at each other which also helps.

some other loadouts i've had fun with are...
(M)2xMCs gimballed short range w/ corrosion & incendiary + (S)2xSeekers high cap w/ drag & overload
4xMCs short range w/ various effects
4xCannons short range
(M)PA overcharged + (M)Packhounds high cap w/ drag + (S)2xBeam fixed overcharged w/ thermal vent
(M)2xPackhounds high cap w/ overload + (S)2xSeekers high cap w/ drag & overload (fun but expensive and requires a lot of synth).

As you may be able to tell my fighstyle is close range dog fighting. This is where the scout excels. Basically, fly it like a vulture. In PvE if the target gains distance i close the gap. In PvP if the target gains distance i disengage and jump out as its unlikely i'll be able to close as easy.

This changes but since i don't immediately run when shields drop the PD is standard against pesky NPC missiles as well as hatch breaker attempts. if i'm in a heavy human trafficked area i may replace the booster with chaff but i use the ships agility to dodge fire as best i can. large ships with gimballed cant keep a bead on me on and small ships with gimballed aren't strong enough to be an immediate threat. medium combat ships are the scouts biggest threat. no surprise. the FDL hurts all!


With only keeping 32 tons of cargo space its important to maximize the profit of the cargo i can carry. Black Box missions with allied factions fit this bill nicely. In peak circumstance 8 BB missions at ~3 million per mission with several mission targets of 4 foes each at typically 350,000 - 500,000cr per kill (i always get at least 1 set after me and typically 2 with being a deadly pilot), plus local bounty rewards turns a tidy profit - about 25 million per run. Add on top of that some scan missions for allied factions at 2 million per and some liberation missions and I can flip 30 - 40 million per hour. not top honors but nothing to sneeze at either. Two max runs can easily fund a Python with some module upgrades.

When I don't have valuable aid cargo to fetch I fill the hold with LTD's and AI Relics. The Scout does well here. Without an interdictor i tail my targets until they drop and i follow their wake signals in. i don't bother trying to disable them choosing to immediately send a hatch breaker, good for up to 10 tons. collect then move on to the next. Elite couriers are my other target for the AI relics. security of the system doesn't matter and the high sec systems are best fun.

I'll share a little trick - you can scoop cargo at speeds of up to 120 m/s with targeted limpet collection. So if you plunder a ship in a high sec system just boost around to keep security chasing. target a canister, boost towards it, fire a limpet, as you get close throttle down and open your cargo hatch this should take you to around 100m/s and dropping. collect, close the hatch, boost out and target the next canister. I've gotten good collecting 10 tons of AI Relics with 3 cops and the transport ship firing at me. It takes practice, but if you don't fire back you are likely only to face a few competent or expert cops in small ships and should be able to handle it. if your shields drop don't run, you have another 1300 hit points to soak up and an MRP to protect modules. I will fly this mission in a 4/2/0 pip configuration.

The Fighter

The Asp Scout is a capable fighter as well. Similar to the vulture in speed and agility. Not like the lumbering wastes of space you find the NPCs flying. To reach its full potential you need to keep at least 3 pips in engines and preferably 4 - since unlike the vulture the asp scout is heavily dependent on pips in engines to maintain its agility - and be in constant motion boosting with lateral thrusters as much as possible. This restriction dictates your combat build. Please don't look at how an NPC chooses to fly this ship and think that is its ceiling. NPC's make every ships look bad.

what it lacks in shield strength it makes up for in armor. this little ship has survived many high intensity CZ's with ease.

The Build
the low emission power plant is replaced with an armored variant and the optional internals are filled with more HRPs and a class 5 SCB. I've dabbled with an all HRP build but i've found a flight style that is very survivable in war zones so i've drifted toward a more balanced defense. my role is to gang up on large targets with the beams to help take down their shields then target power plants on any unshielded large targets or take out their engines then target their plant. with small targets i take out engines then pick them off as they drift helplessly. works great with enemy correspondence ships. 2 medium G5 short range cannons will destroy a power plant on a large ship in no more than 5 well placed hits and can typically take out engines on small/medium ships with 2 hits.

The Explorer

Yes. It can explore also.


So give it a spin. You may be surprised at how fun and capable this little ship is. If you are worried about investing in useless engineering know that only the armor is non-transferable. The Thrusters, FSD and Power Plant fit a host of common ships including the cobra and the PD fits the Asp Explorer, DBX and Type 7.

If there was only one thing I could add to this ship it would be the front Utility mount to give it 3. It is the only ship over a million credits with only two utility mounts. This and a drop in price by a million may be all that is required.

link to previous discussion thread:

Fly Dangerous CMDRS
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firstly commander, an additional +1 for having a picture and build already handy to post. you sir are an asp scout pilot for sure.

i will try this build as thargoid hunting is the only task i have yet to challenge the scout with. i only have the gauss cannons unlocked and have been thinking of mounting 4 of them, have you tried this? is it feasible?

i'm also curious why you chose the class 5 shield gen? if you swap it with a 4 you lose only a few MJ's but gain 16 tons of cargo.
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The scout is very underrated IMO. It has a few idiosyncrasies for sure but it isn't anywhere near as bad as most think it is. The biggest problem it has IMO is that there isn't anything 'special' or unique about it to encourage people to fly it over something else that can do the same job, usually better, for less cash etc. Doesn't stop me flying it though :)
I've had one for a while now and I enjoy flying it a lot.

firstly commander, and additional +1 for having a picture and build already handy to post. you sir are an asp scout pilot for sure.

i will try this build as thargoid hunting is the only task i have yet to challenge the scout with. i only have the gauss cannons unlocked and have been thinking of mounting 4 of them, have you tried this? is it feasible?

i'm also curious why you chose the class 5 shield gen? if you swap it with a 4 you lose only a few MJ's but gain 16 tons of cargo.
Didn't consider the shield swap, I'll have a look.

The cargo...I'm usually out of ammo before I use up the limpets.

Im not sure about all gauss, it gets a bit hot, maybe the distributer will struggle?

I tend to favour pips to thrusters on this build.

Tactics: Night vision on! Throttle to lower part of blue zone.
Wait till the scout is about to change direction toward you (appears to be motionless for a few seconds), two shots off with the gauss. As the scout approaches you want to force it to pass over the top to set your shard turrets up for good close shot, BLAM BLAM! Boost turn and continue.

Note: ramming does you more harm than them. :D(y)
Buff the AspS


We gathered a bunch of unengineered ones one night and had a huge fight. It was fantastic. They have great hardpoint placement, and are super responsive, even unmodded.

I feel like we’d see more around if the price was lowered. It’s a little expensive for what it can do.
Robigo Ganker baiter, 'Meep Meep'

This is from PS4, so I don't have the build.
But basically, max speed, chaff, heatsink, docking computer & supercruise assist (both a must).
Armament: mining laser (one only).

I guess you can work out what it's for. :D(y)
Asp Scout is a big nothing. Can do all, but sucks in every field and high maneuverability isn't a cure, especially in comber where you're large, slow and poorly protected both by hull and shielding. Of course we have a few enthusiasts using this ship, but even fully engineered this ship is still a garbage. Good old Cobra outperforms AspS in every way. In more demanding combat - pvp, you're dead in this ship unless your opponent is an or flies some lightly engineered ship. And yes - I tested Asp Scout in pvp hub in San Tu where I asked a few cmdrs to spar with me. Won against Adder simply by having better armor, beating the DBX was easy just like AspE, but the commander admitted his Asp had only partial HRP engineering. Lost a few duels to Vipers 3 & 4, Vulture (of course!) and FDS "fa-off pro drifter" whose cmdr was doing really insanely maneuvers so I couldn't use my agility to dance around him to pound his ship with frags. Despite having a total engineering, my Asp experienced serious distro issues almost like a fighter with bad cardio. Conclusions - this ship is really bad in more demanding combat, you better leave it for some fun plinking in RES.

Generally I like the look of the Scout so I kept her in my fleet, works as a multipurpose ship in the California Nebula.

I'm pretty sure FD designed this ship to be AI piloted cannon fodder - not to fast, not too tough, doesn't bite too hard either. If this ship wants to be more popular choice among cmdrs rework is needed or at least price tag correction. Rework is the best option because price correction is illogical considering high internal module prices which makes this ship highly unprofitable. Rework idea? Lakon's answer to Core Dynamics Vulture. Plenty of options here.

There is really nice article regarding the Scout in Sagittarius Eye magazine
I've found the asp s is perfect for stealth piracy. Specifically mega ships and faction outposts. It's a cheap ship yet is one of coldest running ones in the game. It has more cargo space than either diamondback's and more maneuverability than than the aspX to get around the tighter areas of an outpost. If done properly you have enough time to hack 2 cargo bays collect all the loot with 3 collectors and leave before the police arrive. You cant board hop doing this because if you do you'll get scanned and fined and the larger cargo hold of an asp x is not an asset to this activity as you do not have enough time to fill your hold. It does its job well. Maybee one day someone will find a place that spawns nothing but void opals or low temperature diamonds or maybe some rare engineering material and then well need this ship. Unfortunately noone has a reason to do this task so people will always judge it too harshly because they cant find the niche it fits in.

Anyway here is my build. Note: if you want to make it a little more multifunctional you could replace the class 1 collector with a recon limpet controller so you can hack data transmitters as well. I don't personally like the reduced collection speed but it could be done.

Didn't consider the shield swap, I'll have a look.
was playing around with the class 5 shield gen, and while the scout cannot make use of the larger generator for buffing its MJ pool (hull is only 150 tons) by more than 4 points or so it does still benefit from the increased regen and some additional integrity.
I normally go with certain ships for certain roles as I know how they work, but my noob is trying different ships and setups, so I'm using an Asp Scout as my mission runner.
Rather than the usual C1 beam and C2 Multis, I'm trying C2 beams and C1 seekers. No idea how they'll work in practice as I haven't tried them yet, (and I need missiles on something so I can unlock Liz Ryder).
I normally go with certain ships for certain roles as I know how they work, but my noob is trying different ships and setups, so I'm using an Asp Scout as my mission runner.
Rather than the usual C1 beam and C2 Multis, I'm trying C2 beams and C1 seekers. No idea how they'll work in practice as I haven't tried them yet, (and I need missiles on something so I can unlock Liz Ryder).
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when/if you are good with fixed weapons then C1 beams/lasers open up the C2 hardpoints for some interesting builds.
Just admit it - you lot just use it because nobody likes it. It's not good, not fun, ugly looking thing. It's not underappreciated or underrated. It's terrible, that's why people don't fly it. It doesn't even have a charisma or character of other bad ships like T-10 or Beluga to justify using it.
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