Asymmetrical Ship Designs

Fun with gyroscopes:

A major disadvantage of using IMUs for navigation is that they typically suffer from accumulated error. Because the guidance system is continually integrating acceleration with respect to time to calculate velocity and position (see dead reckoning), any measurement errors, however small, are accumulated over time. This leads to 'drift': an ever-increasing difference between where the system thinks it is located and the actual location. Due to integration a constant error in acceleration results in a linear error in velocity and a quadratic error growth in position. A constant error in attitude rate (gyro) results in a quadratic error in velocity and a cubic error growth in position.[14]
Positional tracking systems like GPS [15] can be used to continually correct drift errors (an application of the Kalman filter)."

This is why INS drifts.
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On the topic of asymmetry, when will we get the option to mirror our hardpoints? It annoys me the way some weapons are naturally asymmetric, as well as most turrets have particularly asymmetric extending/retracting animations.
Every ship in the game is extremely symmetrical in design (at the very least from left to right of fuselage).

It’s time for some asymmetrical designs, even if these ships may never make the coveted (and absent) atmospheric landings. Even better these ships could make atmospheric landings but had flip or roll to an orientation that precluded line of sight flight and forced the player to conduct an instrumental atmospheric breaking maneuver (a la Apollo 11).

Either way, we need new ships that don’t follow the current Fdev ship design.
can't you remember the Dolphins asymmetric engines and the community went wild?

that aside im still waiting for the med Saud kruger ship;

and blue heat vents on saud kruger; (rumor has it blue ones will fix the heat bug)

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