Attacked stations & parked ships inside.

Hi All,
I have a few questions about all these attaked stations, i was really surprised when i lookt @ the map and realized that so many stations are!
Now i ask you all, what if a ship or a whole fleet is parked in there and you look at a rebuy screen, do you get a mail? Do you loose your ship(s), do you loose a percentage or does the station's assurance covers it all and gives you a new ship -no engineerd stuff included- does anybody knows this ?
Did some of you already faced this scenario?
Is it better to move your ships to several stations, so you loose only one...i noticed they attacked only one side of the bubble, do we move our ships to the other side ? Suggestions please, thanks all the hero's that fight for humanity and keep us updated.[up]
No, you are moved to the rescue ship. I don't know if all your ships are or just the one you were in when you logged out. I suspect all of them are.
Yeah, you are moved - any stored ships stay on the attacked station. You can visit the shipyard and taken them out, or transfer them away. They aren't lost.
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