Community Event / Creation August Exodus - The New World

Greetings Commanders

Great to see the first families of liberated colonists making their way from docking pads at Jaques!

Without wanting to spoil any surprises, there is more to come for those taking part ;)

All those eligible to join the Colonial Militia will begin receiving their invitations from the 22nd August. For those early birds who have already freed slaves - hold tight until then, you are not being ignored!

Fly safe
I salute the OP for their effort to create a player driven story [up]

But from pure RP perspective i am strongly against the idea.

A group of settlers lead by noble ideas about freedom and equality starts a new colony... do you remember how the Empire was started and what we have now?

Lets think, what a colony dominated by former slaves would look like? I think it is safe to assume that slaves are the least educated part of the society. So very few capable scientist and engineers will be available. And, most likely, science and exploration wouldnt be considered priority by this new colony public opinion. Instead, strong anti-Bubble superpowers mood can be expected. This New World will consider the Old World, their former masters, as oppressive, anti-democratic and whatnot. So basically i expect them to be openly hostile. Populism will be everywhere, various activists will call for liberation of their still enslaved brothers in the Bubble. This is the perfect seed for a future intergalactic war.
Obviously this line of thought will occur to Bubble political leaders as well. And they will take the necessary steps to destroy this emerging threat while it is still weak. I can see a combined fleet of all three Bubble superpowers arriving at Colony and turning it to dust and ashes.

So, no. We dont need this. Slaves, no matter freed or not, have no place in this colony. And we dont need to create any kind of new world. Instead, we need to send there our best scientist and engineers. The Colony should stay politically neutral. It should be a place where Bubble superpowers cooperate peacefully for the benefit of the existing human civilization. In long term, this may create conditions for wars and conflicts in the Bubble to be put to an end.
Should be arriving at Jaques today and will have a ton of slaves I'll be liberating...


the Tantalum was for CG1 but didnt make it in time so I decided to enjoy the trip a bit and do some exploration... hopefully will have time to add to CG2s mining goal...
A ton of slaves have been liberated at Jaques...

WooHoo... I made it...

Hey Jaque set up a round of Lavian Brandy for me and my fellow commanders, I’m headed in...

And now to liberate these new members of Jaques...
Now you see them...
Opps wrong button...
Now you dont... All gone...
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So. I admit it was hard carry so many people. But I think that I have given them freedom and I believe that did the right thing.




CMDR Joe Hammond
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I am already back in the bubble, but with the new Colonia Initiative CG just announced, I'm thinking of heading back out to Jaques. Is is still possible to participate in this initiative?
I am already back in the bubble, but with the new Colonia Initiative CG just announced, I'm thinking of heading back out to Jaques. Is is still possible to participate in this initiative?
Yes :) Anyone transporting slaves to Jaques will be invited into the Colonial Militia. I think rescuing escape pod occupants and taking them to Jaques is another avenue of membership (check with Souvarine for that though).
Breaking news...

The Colonia Citizens Network is now live!

Because many of your forum names are different to your Discord names, could you please join the CCN server and send me (Souvarine) a Discord private message with a link to your post on this thread? That way we'll know who you are and we can assign your Militia role!

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352 families now call Jacques home! I was not able to bring the 500 I had initially planned to due to not having the time to take a fully laden type 9 out with me. The other 148 will be brought out after whatever event happens on the 28th that was announced in the hidden Gamescom messages.

Edit: Forgot the images!
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