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CMDR Julian Winter here :) Slaves transported and duly set aboard, free to start a new life.




Sorry but even given the role play aspect this initiative only helps to bolster the slave trade. It supports the supply chain since those selling the slaves care less about where or why they are sold thus even more persons will be shackled by slavery to support the increased demand. Beyond that we have no idea how the BGS handles the selling of slaves in a system. This effort could backfire and turn Jaques into a slaver capital.

Even Aisling Duval's CGs to free slaves only helped bolster the slave trade by creating increased demand and displacing free workers with cheaper labor. These free workers, now jobless, likely were forced to sell themselves into imperial slavery as a result.

The only way to liberate slaves is to recover them as cargo in space and then jettison them inside the station while docked. Anything else is just helping to fuel the cycle of bondage.
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There i was, ready to depart the station. All 64 tonnes of packaged tea and an equal amount of titanium was loaded onboard and ready to go. As i begin to board the ramp of my python i spot a young girl standing alone at the landing pad perimeter, she stood alone covered in dirt, the same dirt that was gathering in the air day after day making breathing difficult and life out here fleeting. Just as i turn to continue on my way i notice an equally filthy man and woman looking frantically around, moments later they spot the child and run to her scooping her into their arms. Dirt soaked tears running down their face's... Is it happiness or sadness i do not know... However i do know that the mean looking guards rounding the corner weaving between the bustle of the landing deck, with sharp eyes peering over the crowd had spotted their targets and were heading straight for the family i was watching gather what little they had left in the world. Within seconds the two guards had grabbed the father of the child and separated the mother and daughter. Drawn to the scene i step down from the boarding ramp and hastily make my way to the guards. "Is everything OK officer"? "This isnt your business, Push off"! one exclaims glaring at me with beady eyes and pistol drawn aimed at the father who stood trembling staring at his wife and child, motionless... silent... "These slaves escaped a transport and the captain wants them back" Snarls the other wielding a mean looking knife in one hand and restraints in the other. Looking around i see the general population moving around the scene avoiding eye contact and remaining silent hoping to avoid confrontation. "Surely we can work something out" i say, the words spilling out out of my mouth before i realise 'What are you doing' i wonder to my self but it feels like the right thing to say. "OH"! Exclaims the knife guard "For a few credits im sure we can look the other way, of course the captain doesnt have to know after all" "10,000 and they're yours" Says the other. 10,000! That's a lot of credits for anyone even a trader like myself. Only those fancy conda trader's have that sort of cash! "Done"! I say 'WHAT'! I Immediately think 'YOU FOOL'! But i cant bring myself to see this family return to wherever they came from. They escaped for a reason and ill be damned if i was gonna let these two pigs tie them up and drag them back to their precious captain! "hmmm that was easy" says the guard with the knife now sheathed and replaced with a datapad in an outstretched hand. I take the pad and punch in the neccesary codes and it is done im 10,000 credits down and feeling strangely OK with what i had just done. "Lets go" The other says holstering the pistol and turning to leave followed by his partner who wore a smug looking grin on his face as he pocketed the datapadd and with a curt nod and a small smile he disappeared into the crowds of people. "Thank you" whispers the woman gathering her dirty rags together. "Climb aboard theres hot water and food in the galley, im gonna take you somewhere where they will never harm you again..." I say turning back towards the boarding ramp with a small smile...
A final word from Etiene Denain

Congratulations Commanders!

The Jaunt to Jaques is now over, and so too is the Twin Candles' initiative to give former slaves a new home at Jaques Station. Etiene Denain, the organiser behind the movement, spoke to the press at Jaques Station yesterday.


It's been so brilliant to see how many people have got on board with this - and fascinating reading of some of the negative reactions too. Slavery is indeed an emotive and complex issue in Elite Dangerous ;)

To those who have taken part - if you haven't already, please click here to join the Colonia Citizens Network, which is the new communications hub for all those looking to stay in or passing through the Colonia Nebula. You've earned a place in the Twin Candles Colonia Militia. :D

Please send me (@Souvarine) a private message in Discord and I'll set you up with the role and introduce you to the rest of the team.

Fly safe, Commanders!
Likewise, Shortly before departing on my trip to acquire something a ... little more suited to Militia activity, I found new homes for a few souls I'd taken on at my last port of call before Jaques.


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