August Monthly Catch Up

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hayo all!

It's time for the August catch up! We're going to take a look back at the last month, at community creations and videos.


While at Gamescom with Planet Zoo, Frontier had organised a community meet. Planet Coaster was represented by many community members who traveled from far and wide to come and celebrate Planet Coaster with their friends. It was great to see some of the community members so soon after Efteling! We saw many members of the PlanCo Fam at the Planet Zoo booth, where they got hands on with the next installment in the Planet series. Did you come to the booth or the community meet? Perhaps you saw some familiar faces?

Community Manager Chanté was joined by Deladysigner for a Creator Showcase livestream! The stream had a great turnout, thanks to the community gathering together in support of Deladysigner, who showed off some of her parks, which all received some great feedback. You can watch the stream back on YouTube here:

To find out when the Wednesday evening livestream will be in September, check back to the forums next week!

Community Creations:

Trials of Ascension by Kombat Wombat


This adventure skin is perfect for the Golden Eagles ride, as it takes your guests to new heights.

Cabin of the Cabin Maker by Poisonblade


This tranquil space was designed by a PlanCo expert in Grecian architecture, Poisonblade, and would be a fabulous addition to spaces that need a touch of serenity.

Rock Gliders by Bughuul


Rock Gliders are for your guests that are in need of some adrenaline and want to surf on dangerous terrain.

American Eagles by Zanatubelmont


Can you spot all five Eagle nests on the American Eagle? This compact ride skin is great for placing in a small space of your park.

Thememaker's Toolkit item of the month:

Net Ivy by Daddy Poe


Keep your guests feeling cool in the shade, with net ivy! These pretty additions to your park will keep any guest happy.

Creator Spotlights:

Silvarret has created an incredible coaster, titled the Volvara:

Pravus Gaming got stuck in and has completed a theme park called Heinrich's Hideaway:

That's all for this month! Let's catch up again in September!
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