Australia is my new project in Planet Coaster. Themed in the depopulated Australia where straight roads cross great plains with certain mountains in the terrain typical of the Australian desert.

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Definitely captures the 'Red Centre' aesthetic - and the soil colour where I live in Maleny, Queensland, great construction photo's too - look forward to seeing more!
New update in Australia. Aussie, the themed roller coaster in a motel on the shores of a lake is finishing its construction. Its surfer style due to the large influx of tourists who frequent the area. But beware, there can always be dangers, even where you least expect it.

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Excelent! Will you bring it to the workshop?

New more detailed photos of Aussie.

In blue we see the main building that is the surveillance post, which forms the mountain station.

Interior of the station and the queuing area.

The motel area, run down the roller coaster before the lift and is also part of the queue for the attraction.

The gas station where trucks can refuel is also the entrance area to the roller coaster.

We are going with a new update.

We leave the coastal area of Aussie and go into the industrial zone of Australia to carry out the construction of "The Refinery", a themed launched coaster at an oil refinery where after touring the refinery in the queue, you will have to escape at high speed due to an electrical problem that can end with a large explosion at the refinery.


Overview with Aussie in the background.
New update from Australia !!
The roads that connect "Aussie" to "The Refinery" are completed. All roads around the refinery are asphalt simulating road. It is the entrance to an industrial and restricted area for certain users.
In addition, the entrance to the refinery is completed. The attraction will be entered from the offices and the infrastructure control room to subsequently pass through pipes, electrical cables and tanks.

Plaza at the exit of the refinery.

Entrance area to the refinery, with the offices and the control room.

Refinery control room.

Refinery tail zone.

Detail of the surroundings of the refinery.

View from the coaster from a small river where the waste is dumped (according to the magnate, everything clean and 100% ecological)

Restaurant located inside the curve of the coaster.

Entry roads to the refinery area, very close to Aussie.

Aussie splash.

Entrance area restricted to the refinery.

Coming soon in Australia:
This is just the thing I want to be looking at whilst melting in a heatwave - a theme park in the middle of a desert! :cool::sneaky:

Great progress all around, it looks really good! :D
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