General / Off-Topic Australian Crisp colours!?!?! (warning you may be shocked)

Is this a joke or is this real??? Why would you allow this to happen? ;) We need to take action and stop this madness before it gets out of hand. <whimpers>

In the UK Lay's is Walkers. All owned by Pepsi :) We also have smiths in the UK

the best crisps in the world are Tayto Cheese & Onion - /

Edit: From Wiki
Lay's (also known as Walkers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Smith's in Australia, Chipsy[1] in Egypt, Poca in Vietnam, Tapuchips in Israel,[2] Margarita in Colombia, Katkoot in Kuwait and Sabritas in Mexico; formerly known as Hostess in Canada until 1996) is the brand name for a number of potato chip varieties as well as the name of the company that founded the chip brand in 1932. Lay's has been owned by PepsiCo since 1965. Other brands in the Frito-Lay group include Fritos, Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos, Rold Gold pretzels, Munchos, Funyuns, and Sun Chips.
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In all seriousness, I don't really get it. Besides that pink is a hideous color for something like potatochips packaging.
Its just wrong.. Pink for Salt & Vinegar ? it should be blue or at a pinch green. Green for chicken? Its just not right. :)
That's probably because Bordeux Red would not let people distinguish it from the regular Salted/Naturel flavour. Besides that, I can't think up of an explanation that would justify this
I find it funny when I'm on vacation and I see Wall's ice (Wall's in England, by me in the Netherlands it is "Ola")
In almost every country there is an other name. Here you have a list of all the names and countries.

Í didn't saw that coming. [big grin][big grin]
My name is a girls name in Poland, or so I've heard. And is basically how they pronounce "Hola" in spanish speaking countries.
Ola is also, here in Norway, among the oldest names. And it's sort of our "John Doe".
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