Aviaries and Birds

I would be so happy to see birds like macaws, owls, hornbills, other birds of prey etc, I think it would be awesome if we could build aviaries using maybe a fence type that creates an enclosed dome shape or to be able to use glass to make that kind of shape. Anyone else interested in seeing birds as habitat animals?
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i was just coming here to post this lmao. So yes same!!! Although you can already build an enclosed space with construction items, but maybe a metal mesh wall and roofing variant would be cool for this type of build! or a new fence type, but i think making it enclosed would be easier by building a roof over the fence. That's how Ive made lemur habitats before.
I second this!!! Well, third this, I guess!! I want to see this in-game so bad!!!

I think if they added a new barrier type that was an enclosed mesh or metal dome of varying sizes, that would be perfect. It might work as a small exhibit type (in addition to the reptiles that are already in-game) but I'd also like to have the option to create fly-over exhibits or to use the aviary-style mesh enclosure for primates as well. I really hope this is in a future update or DLC!
This is exactly what i was and still am hoping for in a future dlc. Domed/roofed enclosures for different birds would be awesome. I was thinking earlier about the old zoo tycoon 2 game by the other developers, and i was thinking of what kind of DLCs would top the marine and dinosaur dlcs. An aviary dlc for planet zoo would definitely be a good match up to those dlcs. Itd be a really cool addition to the game! Doesnt even need alot of types of birds right away, id be happy still with 5-10, and maybe 2 fence types!
Definitely ! It could even be a walk-through habitat with different kind of birds together ! Like, could you imagine having the birds flying over your head ? It would be so beautiful ! (Yes, I am in love with the beauty of this game x) )
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