Avoid Mission Interdictions

I've tested this 3 times and it's played out successfully for all 3...

If you get an 'Incoming Enemy' alert and you can't be bothered to deal with them or try and evade them - one way is to wait for the first target to send it's message to you - when it does, increase speed to shoot pass the station and do the 'loop of shame' - on all 3 test occasions I tried this, I didn't get interdicted on the rest of the way to the station. It goes without saying really... but anytime I didn't overshoot I was interdicted....
Yup, it's a good way to avoid them, but with a couple of caveats.

If you can turn quicker in supercruise it is a huge benefit.

Lining up for the mailslot takes time, so don't do that if you're getting them!

If your destination is not next to the star, it is not always as easy, or even possible, to avoid them, but your explanation and tricks are normally fairly effective.
It works most of the time although it's debatable whether this is faster than just submitting, boosting and low waking again.

These npcs only tend to catch you once you begin deceleration or really early on after jumping in. So there's usually only a very small window where they'll catch you.

I tend to fight them but if you aren't set up for that then use the "back to star" routine on jump in or just do the submit flop at the other end.

Unless your ship is extremely slow and weak and shield less, you shouldn't have any issues.
Bottom Hat and Ydiss - I must admit I was pretty surprised you both knew about it... I've been playing ED for years and I've never heard it mentioned! Obviously, I haven't been paying attention :)
Rather than a direct overshoot, aim "below" the station, then do a half-twist around as you go past so that you're coming at it sideways relative to the star. Even if your chaser manages to get turned around in time, they'll end up coming in to the side of you and just flying straight past again unable to lock on.

This also lets you control your speed a bit better, so you'll spend even less time in supercruise in total. When deciding whether to break left or right, pick the direction opposite the station relative to the planet - this lets you bleed off a lot of speed in a calibrateable way very quickly at the end by doing a close pass of the planet on final approach.

(You can also do this when not being followed if you just want to get to the station a bit quicker)
It works unless you're dealing with a high gravity well where an orbiting station is very close to the planet. That slows the final approach down a lot. Defeating an interdiction attempt provides a lot of time before another interdiction attempt occurs. An exception is the unusual 2-3 immediately after each other but easy to avoid. Low waking from an interdiction sends another ship after you in about 30 seconds.

On the other side load up 6 illegal passenger sightseeing missions. Each may send 1-4 ships to interdict you. Then have fun taking them all out and turning in the bounties! In this case the journey is more satisfying than the destination. :)
Bottom Hat and Ydiss - I must admit I was pretty surprised you both knew about it... I've been playing ED for years and I've never heard it mentioned! Obviously, I haven't been paying attention :)
I have to admit I found out by chance mate lol! I was trying a planetary gravity brake once (stylishly failed of course!), but it let me turn around the planet to come back at the butt side of the station, and I noticed the conda chasing me couldn't turn in time to get back behind me before I dropped in. Granted he dropped on my wake, but ran away like a typical Frenchman when the security came over. So tried it out again, and it sure seems a good way to do it just sadly doesn't do it every time. Cheers bud.
Also, if they try to interdict you while you fuel scoop, they fall into the star ;)
When the NPC's interdiction's went a bit mental for a while (rescape vector would be all over the place) it came in handy to turn your ship so the rear points to the star, sit there for a few secs while it tried to figure out what to do, still works. As soon as it drops into the star, trundle along to station.

All kinda pointless now they made evasion easy.
...so it's not that I got better at it? You can still lose, even if you know how to evade. It just happened to me...
I guess it depends on the controller, I find HOTAS or PS4 almost impossible to lose (there are always exceptions) If I'm on my laptop using keyboard/trackpad, a whole different story.

For a while interdiction's where completely broken, no matter how you tried to follow the vector. Was faster to just submit.
I was on to that as well OP. But I haven't fully tested it. Thanks for doing so.
Recently I got interdicted and the escape vector rammed me into a planet... The emergency jump out kicked in so I took a tad of hull dmg but I lost the perp with that as well. My guess is he overflew the planet and had to double back way down. Not sure if this is a 100% fail proof escape but it did the trick.
I was flying ... T9
That's the only ship i ever lost while flying it by random npc interdiction. And i was hauling a full Beryllium load from Plaiades to WHN, shieldless
Flying a T9 has some weirdly gratifying experience attached to it, but never again i flew it.
The Cutter is easier to evade interdictions and even a light build can outrun every NPC out there while being better protected (2 military slots) and carrying the same 784t or cargo
But you don't have to overshoot, just arrive a little fast...
Ovetshoot works more often than "a little fast" does :)
Fast SCA drop off is not a guarantee to evade the interdiction, i was pulled off in the last seconds before SCA dropoff in several occasions 😒 Not funny.
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