AX Ammunition Synthesis for Standard Weapons

Just an idea I had to allow for Thargoids to be a bit less optional.

The problem with the Thargoids, is that they require dedicated weapons to take down (except scouts), which means that CMDRs who don't have any of that currently equipped, stand zero chance of anything except escape, so you guys have hidden Thargoids behind CZs and NHSS, or the odd hyperdiction (which I've still never experienced. Lol).
Having them hidden makes them feel a lot less scary than they should be.

So, my suggestion is let CMDRs synthesise AX ammunition, for standard weapons.
Premium synthesis has been an issue in PvP for some time, so to solve both issues at once, simply swap premium ammo, for AX ammo synthesis.

Recipes should be fairly easy, using some Thargoid weapon components, and basic elements. You can pick up Thargoid weapon components from scouts, so you can use your standard weapons to kill scouts, steal their bits, then synthesise AX ammo to be effective against interceptors.

Damage for standard weapons with AX ammo, should be less than guardian, but more than AX weapons. Their damage to standard ships should remain unchanged.

That way, while you may not be properly outfitted for AX, you can still take part, or defend yourself from suprise attacks.

Which then allows you guys to let the Thargoids out of the NHSSs and AX CZs, and place them in more places, such as navigation beacons, other USSs, planets, even lurking around stations.

What do you think?
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