AX mega ships

I'm sleep deprived and at work, so feel free to take what I say and change it. But, we all know the thargoids are moving into human territory pretty fast. They are less than 100 light years from sol. And unless the federal capital ships undergo a MAJOR refit, theres not much the federal navy is going to do to stop them. BUT! The alliance is fighting the thargoids head on. So, what if the Alliance started a project to build a small fleet of mega ships, kinda like the Gnosis, but built for battle, and specifically, AX battle. The ships would be built just like any other mega ship is in game, with community projects in game. The ships would be heavily armored and shielded, and armed to the teeth with AX weapons and AX fighters. This way, while within a short range of the mega ship, even Novice thargoid hunters could survive while taking in on huge thargoid ships. You could dock your ship with these vessels, they would jump to the nearest system infested with thargoids and begin purging the system. Throughout the course of a week, the mega ship will move through the system and independent pilots will aid and fight the thargoids, with the goal of drawing them to the mega ship where they can be overwhelmed and have their remains salvaged with the aim of researching their technology.
The Alliance is partnered with lalkon to design new ships for freelance CMDRs to fight thargoids. Thats about as far removed from fighting "Head on" as it gets short of just doing nothing.

As for the rest hk... i dunno, seems kind of.... Pointless given we already have megaships that jump near Thargoid places and and we currently dont have any mechanics that would really benefit from it. Not thst zim necessarily agwinst the idea, mind you.
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I already see the Alliance making secret slaver-contracts with the slaver-nations to have enough subjects who mine for the necessary heaps of guardian tech...
The Alliance doesn't really have the funding or the resources to build a fleet of capital ships, that's the reason why only the Federation and Empire currently have capitals. With that in mind, it would be far easier for the two larger superpowers to build some smaller AX capital ships or to refit some of their existing fleet for AX duties. For the Feds this could also tie into Felicia Winters's current developments into AI controlled warships, potentially building a small fleet of automated AX destroyers using guardian hybrid technologies. The Alliance's current in-progress fleet developments aren't explicitly anti-Thargoid either, although Thargoids did provide a bit of additional motivation, simply them trying to catch up to the Federation and Empire (also, I don't think it's a coincidence that the Chieftain, Challenger and Crusader roughly correspond to the FAS, FDS and FGS).

The bigger issue though is that the shutdown prevention device or whatever it is called doesn't scale up to large ships at all, hence why the war effort is currently based around fleets of fighters and escorts. Before even considering AX capitals, Ageis would have to develop some better scaling tech.

Overall though, it would make most sense for Aegis to be the primary developer of AX capital ships, considering how they receive funding from all three superpowers it would be relatively easy for each of the superpowers to combine resources for a small fleet.
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