Newcomer / Intro Axis inputs?

What exactly do you mean?
Deciding which axis of your joystick does what and in which direction? Then yes, you can bind any axis to any control in the settings.

If you mean things like joystick curves, you have to do it in your joystick's software.
An Axis input curve editor, not just a dead zone
Maybe Soon ?
An external tool like Target is the only current option there is a recent thread about setting up such a thing in the guides and tutorials sub forum IIRC.

Not before the 2020 update and possibly not even then in my opinion.
I use TARGET for the curves on my joystick.
You set the curves (and other things if you wish) then save the file.
You have to run the file before you start Elite, which is a nuisance, but it does mean you can have different curves for different ships; you just choose which file you want to run.
Others have mentioned TARGET. This is a great piece of software (I use it myself) for Thrustmaster sticks only, and it can't be used on the T-flight HOTAS sticks.

If you have a T-flight, or any other low-end stick, you have two choices - Joystick Curves or Joystick Gremlin. Both programs use vJoy to alter the response curve of the joystick.

Note that you will need to remap your axes once you've got your curve set up. Be careful to use the "test axis" option rather than move the stick, as moving the stick will result in that being mapped rather than the virtual one.
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