B rated modules

For my anti-thargoid 'conda build I went with all b-rated modules to try and combat both the caustic effect and the goid targeting modules; also helps keep the rebuy significantly lower (altho' managed to avoid a loss so far by tactical retreats )

Main downside is all those b mods with hvy duty armour have cut the jump range to 19ly.
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Stock ships come with a bunch of E modules to make the purchase look like a good deal, but needing 50-100% added to get it up to spec. Sounds just like a real car sale.

But what about the B rated core modules; does anyone actually use them? They are heavier, not much better than a C and basically not a worthwhile upgrade to any ship. I don't think I have ever used one in my elite career and was wondering what the use of these parts are, and if other people actually do find them useful? Personally I tend to use D or A rated depending on what ship it goes in to, even with the 138M 8A thrusters of the Cutter I went from 7A to 8A as I couldn't waste the money on the 8D/C/B thrusters as an intermediary.

What are your thoughts?

PS: I get the 0B scanners, scoops etc. The question is mainly about the core modules like pp, thr, fsd, pd, se, ls
B-type modules are supposed ("supposed") to have higher Integrity (hit points) - but they are laughable at best, considering the huge weight gain for little padding.

They need to make the B-type niche - B-class need to be double the integrity hit-points of A-rated modules (and others) and double the mass - I would defo use them more often for combat purposes if my B Class modules had 350 hit points for the power plant alone and 750+ if G5 engineered with even more armour and mass.
I've used all the module grades, at one time or another, usually due to availability (or lack thereof) or because the price for a better module was too high (at the time). These days, I mostly go with grade-A or D modules.
Do NPC scans respect heat signature now? Last time I checked, they could scan me without issues even at 0% heat, while spamming heat sinks.

Otoh I can reliably smuggle 700 tons of slaves into any station with my Cutter, simply be entering the station as fast as possible, so nothing to bother with.
NPCs have respected it for quite a while now. Thing is, there's a minimum range (which I'm not 100% sure of) where even if you're silent running/0% heat, they can still scan you. I think it's 500m or so.
There's no need - you're not wrong. If I were running something like multicannons it would have been fine. Running rails though, and with my DD5s I needed the extra juice.

Actually... it gives me a hell of an idea...
Funny enough, I have never used B modules except when the credits were short which hasn't happened for a year now.
Funny enough, I have never used B modules except when the credits were short which hasn't happened for a year now.
I've used them for PvE, and they made a huge difference. When I first started out soloing CZs in my Cobra long ago, I was getting my thrusters shot out constantly. B-rated thrusters helped to fixed that.

Your thought about the plant isn't outlandish. Consider a Viper III or IV with low-power weapons and an armor-modded B rated plant. You'd get massive hitpoints on that plant for a teeny bit of mass. I might go out and build one. I mean, I only have five vipers, which isn't nearly enough.
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In my opinion, there's not enough distinction between the different model types. B should have at least doubled integrity Considering that weight. A&D should have a lot less integrity Do you to the fact that they are extreme in the other stats. So unfortunately for me, B grade stuff is relegated to availability stopgaps Which is a crying shame.
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