Back from DWII

Hi DWII crew,

I finally made it back to the bubble. Yay!

Travelled the long way back via Erikson's Star in the far west, SPHIESI HX-L D7-0 (so I've now done North and West, only East, South, Top and Bottom to go!) and then got distracted by trying to get all the star types in the codex on each sector I travelled through.

Stats for the expedition:

January 13th 2019 - left Pallaeni
April 30th 2019 - arrived at Beagle Point
July 18th 2019 - arrived at Erikson's Star
November 2nd 2019 - arrived back at Pallaeni

During which time I did:

6,041 jumps
5,959 new systems visited
355,783 light years travelled
55 first discovered and mapped ELWs
5.5 billion credits of exploration data earned (and that's not counting the best part of a billion ripped off by my stay at home crew who have done nothing but sit on their arses for the last 10 months!)

It was FUN :D

Roll on DWIII

Have fun and fly dangerous out there!

Pilot in Red Shirt.
Top Bottom