Backing up Keybinds before update.


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The official standpoint is "yep just to be safe than sorry."

You can follow these instructions.

Before major patches, we always advise making a backup your current game settings, especially if you have extensive key binds.

The best way to do this is by copying the Frontier Developments folder and storing it in a safe location. We also advise renaming the folder so that it is clear that it is a backup.

You can duplicate this folder by holding down the "Ctrl" key and dragging the folder to the same directory or a specific back up location.

You can locate the Frontier Developments folder here: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\

Just drop the location link into your file explorers search bar as shown below. "%USERNAME%" is a wildcard to account for usernames not being the same.

(Temporarily sticking this)
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Hi Tj

Is it true Beta binds can be transferred or used with the next chapter? Or should we be ready to re-bind?

Many thanks

Thanks Tj...

...ooof that felt very odd to write.....

For those wanting only the bindings, I'd suggest digging a bit deeper into the folders:

Elite Dangerous -> Options -> Bindings

and just back up the Bindings folder.
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I did my backup last nite so I'm set. I did the individual files though and sent them to the desktop.

Sneaux_Custom.3.0.binds and Sneaux_Custom.2.0.binds, along with Sneaux_Custom.binds.....Just to be sure. :D
Thanks for the reminder TJ.

Elite Dangerous has to be the only game I have ever played where you need to backup your own bindings manually before patches, "Just to be safe".

Frontier: this is not a good user experience and needs far better redundancy & transition to new version, especially if there is risks of failures.

AND done. Here's the direct path to the bindings: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings

Replace %USERNAME% with your account name on your PC. I copied BOTH into my Google Drive folder just for redundancy sake.

Fly safe CMDRs and remember, don't play on patch day! o7
very good advice indeed and weirdest instruction, glossy illustrations included, of a file backup procedure ever!

btw, macromedia? diehard freehand fan?
also, what's with those two (2) folders named "Combat Logging"?
dunno what's going on here bu you are surely be to blame for it!
Noted and done. But, for the record, this is not how games are supposed to work. If you really can't find a way to preserve player bindings through a patch... well... you should find one, is basically all.
Heck, at least with this they remove files 'belonging to ED'. FD also has the fun habbit of deleting whatever other files happen to exist in related folders. Which isn't just pointless and irritating, but also disturbingly shady from a legal point of view. I know no other game that deletes files from the user without asking, it really boggles the mind.

Thanks for the heads-up anyway.
Don't worry too much about keybindings!
My experience with the Beta was that I had to add a number of keybinds (new scanner bindings, etc).
At that point, I realised that I'll need to re-assess all the key bindings.

Perhaps we need an extended keyboard ( about 254 keys)...
Once we have an updated HCS voice pack, I can see the sales of that increase!
Oh goodness** thank you for the reminder. Someone buy this person* a refreshing beverage*!
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I had to back mine up during the 3.3 beta, as at one point, when switching between the beta, and the live game, my settings kept getting changed.
Besides that, I reset mine to the default settings, then redid them accordingly, so I hope to be okay when 3.3 goes live - I have the 3.3 controls backed up too!
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My way - backup, Total commander to compare files, press mouse to copy old stuff to a new file. 1 minute (not payed) job.
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