Backwards Launch And Moving Track.

Hello, If you know that there are rides that have backwards launches and moving track.
A moving track is two pieces of track beside of each other. When the train passes by. The whole train stops and the track where the two pieces are at switch.
making it able to go a different route. The backwards launch is self explaining. It's a launch that shoots the train car backwards in high speeds.

Examples of Rides with Backwards Launch and Moving track.

  • The Mummy Ride at Universal Studies Flordia.

    Disney World Expedition Everest.
Would be awesome some great coasters are like this the second video is a kiddy coaster


If the dynamcis work and your only looking for backwards motion at some point booster wheels that have a reverse and can be triggered with delay perhaps?
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Another thought what about car reversal as thorpe park in the uk used to have one that had a coaster car mounted in reverse? also some have forward and backwards facing cars