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I know there won't be any major changes, so I'd like to semi-vent, semi-discuss stuff, so maybe I just don't see the truth of the matter and others can explain what I see as an issue.

So, one of my main gripes with balance is module stacking. Best example:

Shield Boosters are NOT Utility in any way, it's a flat stat increase with no downsides for any ships that runs with shields, and everybody would like to have it as much as possible, even if you add crippling diminishing returns, because nothing else from utility also gives huge passive stat boost. I wonder who was the genius who though being able to stack boosers and shoved it in Utility being a good idea...

On the other hand, Shield Cell Banks ARE Utility, they DO belong right in that slot and should've been swapped in Optional with SBs. But again, stacking has to be dealt with. IMHO this would naturally solve ships starving for Utility and not having space for anything other than SBs, while huge count of other utility equipment barely ever used...
Another gripe I have is with restricted mil. modules on ships. I have no idea why it's the thing. From design perspective it makes sense that some ships supposed to be best for combat, and others can be more of a multirole or be better at civil roles, but it's only works on paper. ED has somewhat small roster of ships. Every single one of them is a masterpiece of engineering and obviously every player would develop burning love for either manufacturer or one to few particular ships. Owning any ship is like owning the Ferrari, handbuilt, one of a kind, that you absolutely adore.

With build restrictions due to module lock, some ships are useless outside of their very narrow specialization. I mean, if you love Core Dynamics the most (talking about FAS familiy) and you're explorer at heart, you're screwed big time. I mean, if you love these ships and enjoy ANYTHING outside of non-stop combat 2-3 systems away - you're screwed. That being said, Python desperately needs competition in it's niche. I don't think there's player alive who hasn't one or multiple Pythons in their hangar... That's just silly.
I'm sure with module unlock, some downperformers will find their niche and be good, or at least decent at it, and overall increasing build variety can't be bad by any means.

Also huge disparity between jump range of manufacturers makes no sense to me. It may have positive implications in terms of lore, but as gamedesign - it sucks, straight and simple.
Another gripe I have is with weapon balance. There's number of weapons that are good all-rounders, best ones for PVE, other batch for PVP and and the rest having so ultra niche application that barely ever see any use at all. Why it should be like that? And don't even get me started on AX combat because 1 weapon only useful for killing and another for swarm is sad from whole list of availables, to put it mildly.

In particular, missile weapons are on the worst side of the stick. Extremely small ammo count, laughable damage against hull (problem highly magnified by module stacking problem in fact), and useful EXCLUSIVELY for external module damage and nothing else. Which means if you aren't crazy pirate roleplayer, you will never have that weapon system in your arsenal. For reference, long range Rails can knock out any modules (most importantly, vital ones like FSD/PP) 5-6 KM away, engineered MCs rip them out in mere moments, even if stacked with MRPs, and Cannons can punch them out quite reliably as well. Pretty much any overcharged Laser weapons are good at this too.

Making missiles so niche, completely negates any use of PDs or ECMs. When was the last time anyone used ECM, really? Which brings me to first point - many of utility eqipment is useless. And funny enough, PDs are used almost exclusively in PVP against roleplayer pirates with hatch breakers. Tell me how likely it is to come across one? In PVE the ONLY use of it is to knock out Guardian missiles to protect your SRV. Slapping PD on any ship against NPCs makes NO sense at all, you're better off with more SBs. And for laughs, I had flown right into a middle of Compromised Nav beacon in my T9 with Cargo full of Gold. NONE of breakers ever reached me, and I had no PD on my ship...
Engineering - most painful of all. Gotta mention that I have unlocked G5 at EVERY engineer in the galaxy (including Colonia ones), and all of my ships have maximum upgrades. I won't write essays here, just gonna say that upgrades which gives you flat damage/hull/shield increase with no downsides is BAD for balance. Ability to easily manipulate resistances and damage type is even worse for balance. That not to mention all the space magic that doesn't fit even in most free interpretation of sci-fi, suffice to mention that ED is more scewed towards realistic side of it, as it seemed to me anyway, and may belong only in high fantasy genre or the like with that engi-magic of healing beams or ones that vent heat...

Instead having upgrades that improve utility, or provides bonuses for VERY harsh tradeoff would be much better. Situation here makes it look like it was added for players to have something to grind/play for, because some upgrades really make playing game 100 times more convenient, not only in combat sense, but it's still too much of an improvement, IMHO.
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