Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Basic Park Decoration Concept

I know park decorations might become a thing, as they said they are aware of people requesting such a feature. Trees and rocks are a starting point, but for park decor like let’s say fountains, skeleton mounts, statues, etc., they would at least need a concept for gameplay effect.

Like for example, the tree scenery decorations effect forest need levels for your dinosaurs. So, I think park decorations, which I know would be placed under the Scenery tab, could use some sort of purpose for your park buildings.

My idea: Maybe, park decorations can have some sort of profit gain increase for your buildings.

They could be something that could be placed within the circled vicinities your already built in buildings have when you go to place a new one.


They could have a system similar to the power range mechanics, by placing any decorations with varying vicinity effect range circles.

These decorations won’t be needed to complete the game, but they can help offer additional extra cash for your parks when you place them close enough to your guest buildings. The higher your building’s new rating system is, the more cash you will earn from them.

This can be a good way for those who start out on Isla Tacano when the park is already bankrupt and when you want to gain more money to progress that island.
Good idea. Putting statues or signs next to viewers increasing guest traffic in that part of the park would be nice too. For example my rex kingdom in my jw build has no guests on the path to see it ever... Maybe a sign would put guests in that area...
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