Roller Coasters Basilisk Twisted Colossus

This is my first recreation of a real roller coaster, Twisted Colossus is my new favorite coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I thought it would be a nice challenge to get the two trains to duel. When the full version of the game comes out, I do plan in remaking this with the correct coaster. thanks MIke
Even if its not the same type of coaster (that was confirmed to be in the game in the future) as the real one, you have timed the tracks incredibly well. All those near misses with each train look excellent, probably took you a lot of time to get them right.
Here is my new version of Twisted Colossus, using the proper coaster. I had to change things up to make it dual. The real coaster the blue lifthill is the faster of the two. I needed to make the green lifthill faster. All in all, I think is a good reproduction of the orignal [video=youtube;MrdaBnwN_Y0][/video]
here is workshop link, enjoy
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