Beagle Point in a Sidey - IN YOUR FACE EXPLORERS !!

I'm just an CQC Arena junkie, but I don't mind challenges beyond my comfort zone :p
All those explorers come to CQC and say it's too hard for them... so this is me doing your stuff.. :p


This is what my Sidey looked like when I was leaving the bubble...

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No matter what the OP calls it you mean ?
So again, what has this to do with explorers/exploration, please ?
When you have such a small fuel tank (depending on loadout of course), or a low jump range just reaching a destination can be challenge enough. Exploring encompasses navigation too, discovering navigable routes, and when one wrong jump can leave you stranded the sense of achievement can be palpable :)

The OP has just run a marathon in a clown suit, it is not as easy as using optimal equipment.
And you scanned the systems and mapped their planets on the way ? :p
I scanned some, but most of the time it was fuel scooping and jumping.

But my journey is not over yet. I have to get back home now. I'll be scanning way more on the way back.

I've got enough mats for FSD synthesis just in case, but I don't expect to go to very edge of the galaxy, this ship is just not for that.

I've already noticed that I could go even farther than Beagle Point (with synthesis)

As for jump range it's 39Ly, ship is engineered light and with guardian FSD booster.
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