Beam laser color changes with engineering

I have 3 efficient beam lasers g5 with thermal vent on my vette (2x medium ×1 large) and for some reason only the large beam has changed its color to Orange and the others haven't? Is this a glitch or this is how it's supposed to be?
Each beam should have its own colour depending on which special effect is applied. So in your case all 3 beams should be orange if they have thermal vent.
Got that experimental on huge beams on my Vette both working fine, same for two large beams on a Vulture, I have a medium turreted beam and I don't think the colour has changed but I'd need to check tomorrow, perhaps it's time for a ticket?

edit I just had a quick look at the medium beam turret and it is red, use the camera suite to have a better look as it can appear slightly faint from inside the ship.
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