Behold... The Fuel Rats' Logo

Not much to say, except a big thank you for everyone who got involved, it wasn't an easy task, so thank you again for your patience and your dedication into this project.

Thanks a lot to those who shared the project and helped me find participants, particularly Lave Radio, Malic_VR and Paige Harvey (I think you were the author of the post on the @EliteDangerous twitter acc).

A huge thank you also goes to CMDR Orvidius, who designed a wonderful website to create videos like the one you're about to see :

And of course, thank you to all the Rats for their amazing work (as far as I know, no-one had to call any of them while doing the logo).


It never ceases to amaze me the things people do in this game, or indeed the things people work out they can do.

For all the crap people throw at this game and FDEV things like this are a testament to what a wonderful thing they have created, and all the wonderful things people do in it and those wonderful people themselves.

I've seen a lot of amazing stuff drawn on the galaxy map, the Coriolis station, up until now, was my favourite.

This just absolutely blew everything else to pieces. Awesome work!

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