Behold... The Fuel Rats' Logo

It never ceases to amaze me the things people do in this game, or indeed the things people work out they can do.

For all the crap people throw at this game and FDEV things like this are a testament to what a wonderful thing they have created, and all the wonderful things people do in it and those wonderful people themselves.


I think it's mainly because it's the community that truly gives the game the appeal and makes it thrive. FD on the other hand have become guilty of complacency. That is undeniable in my opinion, sadly. Reflecting upon every major release and some of the blatant disregard for testing - evident by the obvious bugs.

Without souring this topic, though, let's thumbs up the logo and the Rats.
Same. Never needed them, but I love the fact that they exist.

You don't always need to run out of fuel of course; I got caught by a bounty in the Pencil Nebula without a scoop and a Rat got my (cough, 24Ly) Chieftain out of there. Life savers!

This, can we call it "The Rat Signal", is a fitting tribute and may I say, bordering on the insane. Love it!! o7 [up]
Unreal ! Words escape me. I am speechless. Wow !


Fly/fuel safe, Rats !

CMDR Steyla
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