PvP Being the anchor is a challange but fun...

There is stuff just like you proposed around. I dont have the capacity to search for all the specific videos. However, here are a couple pointers. Google:

Cmdr Truesilvers Top Tips (Evasion, Gimballed Pulse Disco and another one I cant recall right now)

Cmdr Starmony´s Melee FDL & Breaking Wings w/ a Melee FDL

Cmdr Na´Quan (has some videos with explanation overlays.)

For off-the-grid tactics look for Cmdr Threeofnine and Fly Auburn. They, too, have a couple videos with explanations.

Then there are a couple PvP videos by Cmdr Exegious starring SDC (Ryan M) and some fights (1v1 & wing) with explanations too.

Most of these date a while back. Also check the comments and crossreference. I found them to be most insteresting in regards to actual tactics, strategies and flying, in contrast to most recent stuff which is more about engineering or just plain PvP recordings. Feels like there was a "Golden Age" in E:D before Engineers happened, which I unfortunately missed, where it was more about the flightmodel and tactics than the chase for the Meta of the Weak.
Much appreciated.
here you see the technic i explained 2 posts ago in action.
i just wanted to fool harry a little. i am not interested in fighting his aim bot with premium ammo (gimb frags)
in the end when the second ship jumped in to help him making some damage i was in the mood for a little dance.
but then surprise he has crimes on as attacker. wtf
then i waked during stealth mode.
Source: https://youtu.be/-dCBcXbWWFY
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Akuma, you must be the only Commander in the Milky Way that flies a shieldless FDL....

This is how PvP should be....uncertain, fun, and sneaky! In a non meta FDL build to boot!

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