PvP Being the anchor is a challange but fun...

That was not evasion... you where in a cold ship so I am unable to track you with my current weapons, you do this to prevent focus in a fight, as you can see in your video using my gimballed eyes I am able to track you just fine and keep my ship pointed pretty much directly at you, again you did not evade anything you simply went silent. when you evade another player they should not have their nose pointed directly at you.

You basically boosted around while I sat and watched you think you are doing well.
I know you don't need my respect, I just call it like I see it. Fair enough, you are what you are, and it works for you, it's cool. Obviously I'm unable to defend the points you've raised now, so you'll just have to accept that I don't see it the same way without hearing my justifications (in which I know you're not interested anyway, but really, honestly, do you think I'm not objective? I've been around long enough for you to know what I am).

Catch ya next time in the black, or maybe you'll catch me... o7

Back on topic, I ahdn't actually watched the video until now. Nice stuff. Cool-headed. That kind of calmness to navigate menus and fly as well as possible under the circumstances is something that can only come with experience, real pressure stuff.
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only one thing to correct here.
SPEAR is not my group nore is it a group.
its a cooperation of enforcer squadrons with official member groups and supporters.
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