Newcomer / Intro Best advice to get back in?

For pure combat, the Fer de Lance is excellent, but pricey. The Vulture is a brilliant fighter. For hipster value, the Viper Mk. III is a superb fighter. The rebuy is cheap too! ;)
Depends on the ship and the how much effort you put into engineering it.

I love plasma accelerators on my Vulture, for instance, but that requires a lot of engineering to get it to work - you need to engineer the power plant and the plasma accelerators to get a build that won't turn itself off when you deploy hardpoints, and won't cook your ship when you fire.

The FdL is a lot more flexible as it doesn't have an undersized power plant like the Vulture. Four medium multicannons and a single huge beam laser is fun. I also like running four medium railguns and a huge plasma accelerator. That's a power-hungry build though that will require some engineering.

The most fun is frag cannons, but they are very limited in terms of ammunition, so you will have to rearm very regularly.
whats with Weapons whats a good lodout and wer to get
That question tends towards “how long is a piece of string” as ship type, play style and various other things all apply and engineering can skew everything.

Generally without engineering shields are affected most by thermal weapons such as lasers while kinetic weapons do more damage to hulls both will affect the other target but not so effectively. Thermal weapons tend to demand far more power from your ship than kinetics.

Fixed weapons will produce most damage per shot that hits and can’t be spoofed by chaff they also demand much more effort by the pilot.
Gimballed weapons can cover an arc of about 30 degrees and so are much easier to score hits with damage per hit is somewhat reduced compared to the fixed equivalent they are subject to spoofing by chaff.
Turreted weapons will produce least damage per shot and like gimballed are subject to spoofing by chaff however they can shoot at any target that isn’t obscured by your ships hull unless set to Forward Only where they operate like an underpowered fixed weapon, in their other modes they will stop shooting if the target is out of range or obscured by a rock or a friendly ship.
For the Krait Mk. II? Three Pacifiers (L) and two beam lasers (M). Pacifier engineering is debatable, I prefer rapid fire/screening shell - but that eats through your ammo fast. Other people prefer overcharged. Similar DPS, but longer reload. For the lasers, efficient/thermal vent.

No experience with the FdL. For the Mamba (kind of streamlined FdL), I tried beams + Enforcers, but have now switched to a huge multicannon (overcharged incendiary), two Pacifiers (rapid fire/screening shell) and two Enforcers (high capacity, corrosive and emissive). That lets me run a smaller power distributor, which gives me some mass budget to fit better armour.

If you need the explanation: Pacifiers and Enforcers are both PowerPlay versions of conventional weapons - Pacifiers are improved Frag cannon, Enforcers are improved Multicannon. You get access to them by pledging to a Power for ~4 weeks and collecting enough merits from them. Engineering lets you emphasize certain aspects of a module, with corresponding penalties on others. Usually, the penalties are worth it. For example, overcharged increases the damage up to 70%, but costs more power from the distributor, increases thermal load and decreases the ammo clip size. Incendiary converts the MC kinetic damage to thermal (effectively turning the MC into a pulse laser, with lower power demands and limited ammo) at the cost of a massive increase in heat generation and a slight reduction in fire rate. And of course Engineering uses up materials, which you have to collect in the game, what a lot of people don't like (look for one of the "grind" threads over in dangerous discussions).
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