Patch Notes Update Beta 2.2 - Update 5

Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
Heya guys,

Just a quick post to let you know that there is a new Beta update going live this morning. We're expecting the servers to go down at 10AM BST and the update to be completed within a couple of hours.

Once again, the team have been working incredibly hard and we've got another huge list of changes coming in. As always, your feedback is really valuable so please do continue to test and give your feedback in the beta forums.

2.2 Beta 5 Change Log

Stability Fixes:

- Fix a crash if a planet made completely out of gas cannot hold onto its own gas and so has no mass
- AI fighters can validly spawn as independent ships, not linked to any parent ship, so cope with this case in Fighter Stow
- Fix a crash when a POI tries to spawn the same time the player is disconnected
- Fixed a crash in the role switch panel
- Fix vehicle switching crashes in the SRV tutorial
- Mark a persistent POI as invalid if it fails to find a position for its first attempt, this fixes a crash that it causes on some planets
- Fixed an error with an audio emitter
- Fixed an error with a mysterious thing in the contacts panel
- Fix for an assert failure when loading game into a fighter and using the role switch panel
- Fixed crash when shooting Skimmers due to them not having a vessel ownership
- Fixed soft lock when backing out of launchable livery
- Fixed soft lock when selecting a cabin from your inventory tab
- Added some sanity checking to cargo transfer so we don't try to move from non-existent inventories
- Fix an assert caused by damage being moved between a ship and its modules causing it to lose the original machine the damage came from
- Fixed soft lock in outfitting when the user has the livery vessel selection dialog is open, but then instead selects an outfitting group from the left
- Removed crash telemetry if entering a location takes more than 2 minutes
- Fixed outfitting crash when previewing a fighter while docked at a planet port

General Fixes & Tweaks

- Starport UI: displaying station economy instead of system economy in main screen and commodities market UI
- Fixed issue where CQC stats screen would not update
- Fix an issue where if you disconnect on the match summary of rewards screen in CQC the player character isn't cleared when going back to the main menu
- Fixed commander name on remote clients incorrectly identifying which vessel a player is actually controlling when entering a location
- Fixed bug where wrong icons would be displayed in info panel when being damaged by an engineered weapon
- Water Giant hologram GUI animation issue fixed
- Fix deco layers not showing on abandoned settlements
- Improved clarity when large info panel messages overlap existing log messages
- Cleaned up some of the messaging being used when jumping to a system. We now only show the abort message when the destination is potentially dangerous (currently, when in anarchy)
- By popular request - added the destination star's class type to the info panel message upon initiating a jump
- Fixed the positioning of POI and player markers on the planet map
- Low resolution artefacts on mysterious thing's lens flare fixed
- Removed black bar from station services wait banner
- Avatars with a certain eye blend shape were looking as if their eyes were closed in certain poses fixed
- Audio: The ship voice system now distinguishes between fighter, mothership and srv
- Audio: Delayed the pre-hyperspace exit swell, to restore synchronisation on exit
- Audio: Fix for strange volume changes when entering the main game and on FSD jumps
- Various text fixes


- Fixed headlights on the fighters
- Dust layer on Independent Fighter is green, fixed it to dark grey
- Fighters can no longer use boost while they are still attached to the launch ramp
- Fixed Imperial Fighter hitspheres so weapons can be damaged
- Fed Fighter 100% damage paint issue fixed
- Fighters can no longer kill ships inside starports without being shot by the station when mothership is far away
- Fighters will no longer retract their hardpoints when the AI is asked to dock them, stopping the error where a player asked the AI to dock then swaps to the fighter and has no hard points
- Balance displayed in the Crew Lounge is incorrect and does not update on purchasing a pilot fixed
- NPC experience always shows as 50% when they're in the main ship fixed
- Removed the life support, self destruct and reboot options from the fighter
- Fighters destroyed by the mothership jumping away shouldn't count as player kills
- Fixed rendering bug causing text to overlap buttons on the role panel orders
- Fixed issue with right panel in crew lounge not showing data after loading
- The little fighter HUD no longer overlaps the target panel. It now has its own home near your ship's schematic
- Healing lasers now work on fighters
- Moved the 'Request Docking' from fighter bay to helm
- Stop fighters being able to operate beyond 30KM range if you switch to the Mothership at the last second before the SLF explodes
- Stop AI crew members leaving turret mode of mothership on "Fire at will"
- Vessel Status UI (cockpit): display the correct fighter variant name
- Fixed overlapping text on Role panel orders menu
- Fixed hit markers on the ship schematics in the cockpit being the wrong size and appearing in the wrong position for fighters
- Reduced the severity of a few info messages when changing fighter orders. Now uses a small 'log' message type, rather than the big flashy one
- Only show "No active crew" warning when a hangar module is present
- Unable to terminate crew without horizons
- Crew total payment not updating immediately fixed
- Created binding for opening the orders page (RB+B)
- Reactivate the engineer button when switching back from a fighter
- Allow the Orders GUI to move selection to the top of the list to navigate quickly to the bottom order
- Added the available stats to the fighter details page in the role switch panel
- Role Switch panel flashes, and doesn't let player click on slots and order commands fixed
- Fighters under AI Crew control now use the AI friendly fire rules
- Can no longer select ship description text in fighters tab of role panel
- You are able to purchase a SRV or Fighter that you already currently own into the same slot fixed
- Audio: Small changes to ATC. The ATC will not look at what the fighter is doing but instead at the mothership. Calls to the mothership will be forwarded to the player in the fighter
- Audio: Hooked up missile incoming warning on NPC Crews
- Audio: Fixed a bug within the role switch panel, where switching panel items did not send the stop event of the fighter construction
- Audio: Fixed a bug with the role switch fighter construction
- Audio: Fix for crew lines being audible in pause menu
- Audio: Fix for Fighter 'other' sounds stopping abruptly when docking at speed
- Audio: Fix for fighter bay animations sometimes not being heard
- Audio: Fix missing gimbaled fighter beam weapon sounds
- Audio: Added SFX for inflight fighter construction
- Audio: Mix tweaks on fighter docking
- Audio: Mix tweak to Crew lounge sounds
- Audio: Setting Crew comms to be controlled by the "non-player voice communication" volume slider in the options menu
- Audio: Added friendly fire behaviour to the Npc Crew voices
- Audio: Fixed isues with fighter boost caused by flight model changes
- Audio: Fix for the loud boost charge up on Taipan


- Added new passenger modules for various sizes and tweaked capacity numbers for all of them as well
- Balance pass on passenger mission rewards
- Balance pass on passenger mission reputation, influence, and state changes
- Add the bonus money for wrinkles into an inbox - so that players know there is a bonus for them if they do the wrinkle
- Removed explorers from the bulk passenger template
- Changed the scan wrinkle for long distance tourist missions to give a bonus for not getting scanned, rather than taking money away if you do get scanned
- Passenger sightseeing mission was blocked from being handed in by inbox request for items fixed
- Don't fail a mission if a fighter is destroyed
- Reduced jump distances for visit tourist locations in passenger VIP missions
- Corrected which VIPs get the wrinkles that they should have
- Remove assert when we try to parse a passenger contract without a passenger cabin container (i.e. in an SRV)
- Stuck in the cabin section of inventory tab in the right panel when you switch to a different ship with a cabin selected fixed
- Changing the POW passengers to appear as security guards to match the text of the mission
- When you abandon a mission and the passengers eject themselves, the message you receive does not actually appear in your inbox fixed
- Allows the player to hand in the cargo without the cargo. Should the player dock at the final station without the cargo, the passengers will get mildy annoyed - preventing the player from exploiting the goods demanded wrinkle
- Ship hull damage while in an SRV or Fighter does not effect passenger happiness state fixed
- Fixed passenger satisfaction decreasing when SRV is damaged
- Body location is now shown on long distance expeditions
- Tourist beacon wrinkle will no longer spawn twice with passenger vip wrinkles
- Tell mission listeners when progression is blocked so they don't try to trigger mission progression during location changes
- Fix the transaction panel to show goods demanded at correct times
- Manifest scanner returning incorrect results from passenger vessels fixed
- No inbox message appears when scanning a Nav Beacon during a Passenger VIP mission fixed
- Long distance expedition missions are not displaying body location of the tourist beacon in the transactions fixed
- Fixed detection of planetary tourist sites
- Audio: Fixed click in loop on Tourist beacon
- Audio: Fixed a very loud tourist beacon


- Remove meta data that makes invalid settlements a target for skimmer massacre missions
- Template and text changes to show both factions involved in a mission
- Target faction for missions now shown on the mission board when you accept the mission


- AI interdictions, only apply the system's security modifier when considering whether we are too strong to interdict the target, not too weak
- Some slight balance changes for AI difficulty/rank spawn numbers, as well as dropping the rank range that AI can interdict at by one for all non-wing AI
- NPC crewed ships now use boost when following player
- Slight balance pass on the Authority ship friendly fire aggro multiplier, we don't want it to be too high, so it's now the same as the Friendly multiplier. Also made sure that the AccidentalDamage dialog is a bit more common
- Ensure low ranked AI ships reset their pips


- Module transfers with delivery times added
- Fix overflow values for very expensive ship transfers
- Fixed bug where paintjobs and items would persist when using breadcrumbs to navigate out the menu
- Added icon for the main ship when selecting a vessel in the outfitting
- Updated vessel selection screen in the outfitting to use new cleaner ship icons
- Allow a non-horizons player to view their horizons ships if they already own them (because they own horizons on another platform)
- When selling a ship of no value, we now show its value as "0 CR", rather than "FREE"
- Shipyard UI sell confirmation popup : replacing "current ship" heading by "ship", and displaying sold ship name instead of current ship
- Don't allow more ships to be transported to a station than the local storage allows
- When populating vehicle list, making sure "selectable" flag is set (based upon purchaseAllowed state) so that the button behaves properly
- Fighter icon on SRV bay fixed
- Stat comparison screen remains during weapon swap fixed


- Added missing backer station 'Samphire's Solace'
- Added agricultural customisations to Harvestport in Kappa Fornacis
- Fix Station Services availability to cope when services aren't present at all instead of falling through to 'market not found'
- Starport UI: pressing B / exit button in Cartography section of startport UI doesn't exit back to the cockpit and just goes back to home screen as expected
- Fixed one spot light bone being offset in the Foundry station
- Fix to allow the inner dock faction light overrides to work again with the new station customisation system
- Art optimisations for the Nemo Cyber Party Base
- Fixed missing textures on holoscreens
- Fixed VO not matching polity for ATC and announcements
- Fixed some floating industrial planet settlements
- Audio: Fixed loud ambience in station menu when buying/transfering/storing a ship
- Audio: Fixed loud passenger and crew lounge ambiences


- Rebalanced Type 7 ship to have better toughness and larger internal module slots
- Fixed incorrect Type 6 armour hardness values
- Increased armour, shields and hardness (armour rating) base stats for the Keelback. Increased a single size 3 slot on it to a size 4 slot as well
- The heading gauge now displays during orbital cruise
- Moved the docking bone on the Beluga down to help with docking issues on planetary ports
- Set asp (and asp scout) landing gear door to be open or closed when initialising to up to down
- Diamondback Explorer cockpit handles in wrong place fixed
- Moved Mini panel placement (and tweaked radar position slightly)
- Fix for docking computer crashing into Farseer tower when coming in to land
- Vulture ship kit parts have a lot of wear & tear on them when purchased brand new fixed
- Landing gear can get stuck on if you have recently had an SRV destroyed and then launch from the planet fixed
- While trying to land on a planet - the landing UI will now check against Terrain->Speed->Alignment rather than Speed->Terrain-Alignment. This should make the UI a little more helpful in the majority of situations where the terrain is unsuitable, rather than you moving too fast
- Audio: Only play the hull damaged line if hull has taken damage
- Audio: Mix tweaks on Keelback on full speed acceleration
- Audio: Fixed audio error when turning Thrusters on/off in Taipan
- Audio: Adjusted the frequency balance of the ship voice lines
- Audio: Fixed a couple of clicks in the very low altitude engine elements
- Audio: Tweaks to mix of cockpit overheating sounds


- Fixed SRV cargo transfer page not displaying cargo after transferring cargo to your ship then going and scooping a new load
- Added self destruct button back to the SRV
- SRV Scarab shown as being in a bay in the role switch panel, when no SRV is present
- On fitting new SRV planetary vehicle hangar all slots are full when viewing the role panel fixed


- Remove num pad 6 as a binding for chargECM, it's already in use for fighter order follow
- Small usability improvement for Slugshot turrets, drop the range at which they will auto-acquire targets drastically (down to 500m rather than the weapon's maximum range of 2000m), to stop them wasting shots on things they'll never hit
- Experimental Balance tweaks for Fixed vs Gimbal weapons with travel times. Overall we think larger changes are needed, but for now going with a safe option to avoid over-correcting and will review once these changes settle:
- Projectile Speeds for fixed cannons increased by 20% (for S/M/L/H weapons this has gone from 750/800/875/1000 to 900/960/1050/1200)
- Projectile Speeds for Plasma Accelerators (APA included) increased by 20% from 700 to 875
- Damage for fixed multi-cannons adjusted so that the benefit for fixed over gimbals is much more consistent, and on average larger. Small fixed multis are reduced by 5%, Mediums are unchanged, large and huge increased by 11% and 14%
- Damage for fixed cannons adjusted for similar consistency, small increased by 5%, medium/large/huge increased by 10%
- Damage for Plasma Accelerators increased for a more consistent relationship with equivalent cannons, medium increased by 2%, large by 5%
- Advanced Plasma Accelerator has also had its energy efficiency improved (7 per shot down to 5.5). It now has slightly better damage per capacitor power than a normal Large and deals more DPS, but at the cost of more heat
- Reduction in damage to Reverberating Cascade was a bit much, especially when considered alongside much improved ECM. Returning this to 35% of raw damage punched through to shield generator.(originally 50%, previously reduced to 20%)
- Balance tweaks to buff PDTs:
- Missile health reduced for Small and Medium dumbfire and standard seeker. Now requires 2 point defence hits rather than 3 per missile
- PDT jitter angle halved (from 1.5 degrees to 0.75 degrees).
- Fixed where PDT shots would appear to vanish but would still have an effect at long range
- Fix a reported bug with Containment missiles and their engineer equivalents, the 35 second immunity period was not working correctly for them
- Minor balance tweak for Containment missiles have received a 20% damage reduction and 50% increased time between shots. FSD interrupt mod has gone from a 20->30% reduction and the same 50% increase in time between shots. Reducing their overall DPS so you're sacrificing a little more to use them


- Make sure body volcanism is being correctly read
- Increased the distance at which persistent POIs will spawn from 5km to 15km and also made the persistent POI placement avoid placing near POIS from other placement types
- Fumaroles now no longer spawn all materials of the same type, they will select from a bucket like other mining rocks
- Have more varied states of geological activity
- Fix for POIs getting cleared when swapping into a fighter
- Fixed Occupied Escape Pods in USS appearing as Illegal Salvage/Stolen
- Fixed missing Satelittes schematic
- Added schematics for various mysterious things
- Rebalanced geyser, gas vent and lava spout forces
- Modifications to which geological can spawn where based on the volcanism types
- Fixed the hitcheck for a mysterious thing
- Added mysterious thing schematic
- Fixed broken Geyser forces
- Fix to floating Data Uplinks
- Added audio activity to trigger audio when breaking off collectables from organics
- Fixed missing serverbank audio
- Fixed Lodding Popping on Datapoint
- Updated Large Aerials on Adornments to have new texture, to make them more visible
- Fixed audio for geology fields
- Tunnel geometry not lining up in civilian installation fixed
- Turned on the hitcheck for the scaffolding around the under repair capital ship
- Placed the correct Installation in Ngalkin
- Rebalanced liquid elements of geyser VFX
- Removing Lava and fumaroles from Ice only planets at this is scientifically inaccurate
- Audio: Mix tweaks to abandoned settlements
- Audio: Added low rumble to geyser


- Minor optimisation to texture lookup for jet cones
- Jet cone optimisations and quality settings
- Enable BC7 compression
- Fixed some pixelation on ice distant map
- Reduce the minimum star visibility for white dwarves and neutron stars. This fixes an issue where lens flares for those star types would be rendered when the star was occluded by a planet


- Dock and travel tutorial: show correct station entrance pointer at all times during station approach, so that pointer doesn't suddenly jump to the wrong place
- Dock and travel tutorial: Don't allow cargo jettisoning
- Fixed logic loophole where docking and travel tutorial could be waiting for the docking UI to appear indefinitely if the landing gear is deployed very late
- Audio: Fix for incorrect tutorial VO line

Player Journal

- When collecting microresources, include the count in the journal entry
- When scanning a star, include age and surface temperature; When scanning a star or planet, include more orbital details;
- When scanning a planet with rings, more significant figures for ring statistics
- Modification to player journal entry when rewarded a bounty, as it may list multiple factions
- The "ReceiveText" event in the player journal now has a "Channel" value that indicates if player text was received via a wing, local, friend, or direct player chat;
also include npc chat
- Added checks that we're a component on the player's ship before writing an entry in the player journal - applies to the following events: USSDrop, FuelScoop, JetConeBoost, Launch/Dock/Fighter/SRV, HeatWarning, CockpitBreached, MiningRefined
- Include details of all modules stored in the MassModuleStore event
- When transferring a ship, report distance in LY not metres
- Added Commodity Rewards info into MissionCompleted event
- Fixed issue where some received text messages were not written into player journal
- Added a "ScientificResearch" event in PlayerJournal for contributing materials to a research community goal
Woohoo, long list again. Great work!

- Removed black bar from station services wait banner
- By popular request - added the destination star's class type to the info panel message upon initiating a jump
Awesome, thx!
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Any changes to the supercharges of neutron stars/white dwarves? They aren't always mentioned in patch notes :) That thread is on fire, so I hope FD have listened
Thanks, that's a huge load of imporvements!

One thing i care about a lot:

- Reduction in damage to Reverberating Cascade was a bit much, especially when considered alongside much improved ECM. Returning this to 35% of raw damage punched through to shield generator.(originally 50%, previously reduced to 20%)

Thanks for un-nerfing them a bit, 35% isn't too good but hey, could be worse like 20%. And you're correct about ECMs.

Actually, as it is now, it doesn't really matter if it's 35 or 50, to be honest. You just mount a bigger number of them and pray they hit before target hits ecm button.

And that's kinda the issue... ECM is too good against torps since torps have only one chance to hit. It also makes them drunk, too. I mean, you could at least hope for unguided collision after ECM scrambled their eggs, now it's not even that.

Would you consider some kind of success chance for ecm vs torps and removing drunkness? Say, 50% to disable tracking of each torpedo, and then continue on the same course if tracking disabled.

That wouldn't make them op because it's not hard at all to press a dedicated ECM button and move away a bit. Hell, it was never hard to begin with, without ECM, all you had to do was boost.

If that's not possible, could you consider removing the priming up time for torps? Or let them inherit player ship's speed all they long, not the ~3 seconds or so now?

That's because with ecm around there are only two kinds of options. First, launch torps close and pray they hit before target hits ecm. But with priming up time, you will just have unprimed torpedoes crash against their ship doing nothing.
Second, launch from far away and pray they hit - but they won't because torpedoes are so damn slow.

Either removing priming up time or increasing speed inheritance (not speed itself, so that you would need to speed up yourself first, introducing a little skill-based challenge) would help with that.
Hello FD again, any update about 5-10 sec stuttering issue when dropping out of hyperdrive or supercruise ?

Cannot see any line in the change regarding this specific issue constantly reported since beta 2.2 beginning ?

Would appreciate a confirmation if issue is being solved or still under investigation !

Thanks in advance !

Link : this 6 pages issue

Already 2 QA update but no clue of hope yet.

Affecting high end capable cards. Very annoying for immersion.
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Hi Zac and the rest of the team,

BST? Is that British Standard Time?

May I suggest that you use the "In Game Time" (IGT) as a time reference. Alternatively UTC (or GMT if you are oldfashioned ;-) ).
IGT is quite well known among ED-gamers (or UTC among humans). Especially people that joined some big pan-world events like DWE.

I know it only takes one question to other ED players or a quick lookup in the internet to learn what BST means. But anyway In Game Time is THE time most activities are based on.

Heya guys,

Just a quick post to let you know that there is a new Beta update going live this morning. We're expecting the servers to go down at 10pm BST..

Kinda playing it fast and loose with the definition of "morning" there Zac, but thanks for the patch notes... ;)
Always good to see a new beta, keep up the fantastic work :)

Any word on the performance issues many of us have been experiencing? The QA guys over on the bug reports forum know of the issue and did give us an update saying it's being worked on.
- Damage for Plasma Accelerators increased for a more consistent relationship with equivalent cannons, medium increased by 2%, large by 5%

Ehh... What? It needs at least 50% damage buff to even be usable. Even if you buffed it by 100-200%, it's still not too much, PAs are terrible at this moment and a petty 2% increase is worthless. The weapon has too many drawbacks and is too easy to avoid.
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