Patch Notes Update Beta 2.2 - Update 6

Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
Hey guys,

Great news! There is another 2.2 beta update coming in this morning. :)

The Beta servers will be going down in a few minutes at 10:00 BST and we will expect them to be back up within a couple of hours.

Here's a nice juicy change log while you wait. :)

Change log

Stability Fixes

- Allow the "visited stars" map filter to apply to route-plotting
- Fixed crash when starting the game with an HMD for some monitor/resolution combinations
- Fix a low level vertex locking crash
- Fix a crash when self-destructing the SRV
- Fixed JSON error in ship delivery
- If we lose connection with server immediately after connection, before mtu discovery is complete, don't crash, reset mtu discovery for another go around
- Server time synchronisation can soft-lock the game fixed
- Ensure that system map materials get destroyed on shutdown
- Fix crash swapping modules in outfitting
- No longer assert when trying to add an item which is supposed to be empty
- Fix for buyback and stored items being deleted in one array but not another
- Don't crash id planet materials are not sensible

General Fixes & Tweaks

- Neutron & White dwarf schematics fixed
- Fixed star-class info not appearing for some systems when initiating jump
- Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed
- Fixed incorrect integrity value for size 1 class 2 refinery
- Prevent duplicate ships being generated on authority transfer
- Docking computer staying 1km above planetary outpost fixed
- Latest translations added
- Various text fixes
- Award combat rank progression when destroying NPCs from no particular faction


- Added in Gimballed versions of the Fighter Weapons so that the lasers don't look so wrong
- Following NPC crew oddities (When NPC crew is flying a player's ship) fixed:
- If MC turrets are fitted and set to Target Only, the combat AI cannot fire them
- Can only use one missile launcher, even if two are fitted
- Missiles are fired at long range and are wasted
- AI doesn't use boost to chase and kill targets, instead lets them get away
- When out of ammo, AI ship should drop back into formation
- Player ships with just missiles won't fight
- After requesting docking, all other order hotkeys are ignored
- AI crew in mothership will not attack targets if they have non combat modules deployed before switching to fighter fixed
- Added clearer message to indicate that the players fighter will be destroyed when they FSD away
- Moved empire fighters hit spheres for the weapons even further forward to help in hitting them
- Use numbers rather than bars for displaying fighter stats
- Wanted NPC has clean fighter fixed
- Fixed bounty credit notification not appearing or being awarded in a fighter when destroying a target with a non-local bounty
- Added loading animation to screen for switching between fighters and main ship
- Fixed missing font glyphs on Role panel when running in Russian
- Fixed commander name having the "Crew" tag on the death screen when killed by a player in a fighter
- Can use hotkeys to send invalid NPC commands to unmanned mothership fixed
- Audio: target destroyed lines of NPC crews and ship voice do not conflict anymore
- Audio: reduced probability of "no more targts" npc crew message down to 40%
- Audio: Fix for Crew member saying wrong line when asked to attack target
- Fix not being able to deploy an SRV or Fighter after resurrecting
- Fix NPC Crew not increasing their total kill count when assisting with destroying NPC and Player ships too low level to award combat rank progression


- We think heat attacks have been reduced a little too far, and need a very conservative buff:
- Diminishing returns for heat now limit at 100% (up from 95% in previous beta)
- Damage penalty for Thermal shock reduced to 20% (from 25%)
- ECM needs some slight tweaks:
- ECM will now fire when hardpoints are not deployed
- ECM charge time increased to 3 seconds (currently 2 in beta, 4 in live)
- Hatch Breaker limpets are also having heir acceleration multiplier turned up significantly. For comparison firing at a target 1km away and with both ships matching speed the travel time has gone from roughly 10 seconds down to 5.5
- Improved flight speed and hacking time of all hatch breaker limpets
- Removed strange hatch malfunction behaviour where you could cancel it by toggling power. Hatch breaker limpets and general 'your hatch got damaged' hatch malfunctions can no longer be cancelled
- Slight reduction to the effectiveness of Incendiary rounds for Multicannons:
- Remove the hidden 20% kinetic damage that was left over
- Reduce the fire rate penalty from -10% to -5%
- Net effect is that the DPS has gone down by 4% vs shields and 15% vs hull (if unmodified), leaving the weapon strong but a slightly clearer tradeoff.


- Process transaction cost correctly when fetching or selling a remote module
- UI was being unlocked before hardpoint animation was complete. This should now be fixed
- Module distance incorrectly show when transferring a module fixed
- Adjusted the balance areas of the popups to have an auto width, to account for large balances
- Added module class rating, added warning texts to sell and transfer module popups, gave the clock icon an orange tint
- Made class icon visible, resized the location icon to its, added space between icons and text, tinted transit text to red
- Fixed keeping hold of buyback items once we've bought them back
- Icons resized and centred, added missing class and rating, resized warning icon and added spacing between it and text
- Prevented focus from being lost when pressing Right on the read more section of the module transfer
- The Store [X/X] button is selectable when all 30 slots are full but no modules in the tree are selected
- Ship loadout doesn't update after multiple swaps fixed
- Updated icon positioning and colouring in the Inventory Browser Screen
- Added functionality to the 'Store Multiple Popup', to support pressing 'UI BACK'
- Starport UI: fixed quick action button icons disappearing when coming back from outfitting
- Store multiple modules lists incorrect number when unticking categories fixed
- Damage type tagged as 'labelfield' overlapping fixed
- Adjusted colour of "in transit" text, when focused on
- Made the "Stored Ship" tab, glow white when a ship completes its transfer
- Increased Module Storage size to 60
- Tune credits costs of Ship and Module transfer


- Make sure we always get the right string key for existing modification name
- Added ellipses functionality to blueprint text strings. If they are greater than 25 characters an ellipses will be added
- Fixed layout problems in engineers workshop that would cause a scrollbar to appear and have unintended effects
- Fixed bug where engineer special effect animation would always overlay the description of the successful special effect, before the animation had completed


- Passenger missions not displaying or paying out rewards on hand in fixed
- Updated the transaction tab for passenger sightseeing conflict, and for passenger vip conflict. They now include the system address for the conflict zone
- Remove commodities bought for passengers when completing a mission
- More balance tweaks for reputation, influence and state effects
- Player has been scanned - When scanned just once, the inbox message will pop up several times until the passenger is disgruntled fixed
- Stop passenger cabins containing passengers from being swappable
- Generic passenger generation now fits cabins with Tourists instead of Generics
- Fixed errors in passenger cabin classes and types
- Fix for passengers hiding when the ship is dismissed (from a planetary landing via SRV) and comes back...
- When you abandon a mission and the passengers eject themselves, the message you receive does not actually appear in your inbox fixed
- Fix Passenger mission problems when swapping occupied cabins between module slots


- Make sure players in SLFs can get credit for kills in assassination and massacre missions
- Added missing strings for illegal delivery missions


- Fixed incorrect landing volume for Type 7
- Cannot see Tail Shipkits on Vulture in Outfitting due to camera angle in VR fixed
- Fixed some mapping issues on the Cutter
- Audio: Ship drives silent when respawing over planet surface having died in SRV fixed


- Fix for faction lighting being applied to the new station inner docks instead of their own lighting
- Audio: Fixed number station audio events not synced due to time step miscalculation
- Audio: The new flight controllers are too quiet fixed


- Stop data points showing up on a fighter HUD after been scanned in the SRV S
- Stop fighter mothership pointer appearing in an SRV after the player has been in a fighter


- Fixed some misaligned tunnels on civilian installation
- Make sure that persistent POIs cannot spawn within their minimum separation of each other
- Audio: Fix for silent ambience on a secret thing
- Audio: Fix for number station ambience being audible at infinite distance
- Added new mission tipoff locations to settlements


- Audio: Fix for Materials sound wrong on planet surfaces

Galaxy Map

- Reduced loading time for galaxy map
- Fixed some stalls loading the system map
- Bookmarks all disappeared and can no longer create them fixed

Player Journal

- When importing stars from a file into the VisitedStarsCache, interpret any line containing just digits as a starsystem address in decimal rather than a name
- Fixed journal entry for "ScientificResearch"


Will have some feedback on the heat changes asap.

Can we please get some input on the new Engineer schematics? That sticky thread in the beta feedback sub-forum needs some dev post lovin'.
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- Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed

That's not those vertical bars either side of the screen is it? Losing them was a great step forwards!

Yep, now I want the option to show/hide them. Well, I can always hide the hud completely with ctrl-alt-g or whatever the shortcut is but it's not the same ^^'
- Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed

That's not those vertical bars either side of the screen is it? Losing them was a great step forwards!

Heheh - I prefer the vertical bars. Soooo much better than Space Sleet, IMO.

Regards o7
Thanks! While we're at it, have some feedback on torps and ECM. I know most of my suggestions are not a simple change viable for beta, but, on the other hand, other ones can be a temprorary patch until a proper solution is created.

So, torpedoes. Let me try and sum on my thoughts.

Situation right now: there are basically three kinds of torpedoes.

1. Basic torps, missiles but worse (take out external modules but fly too slow and have ammo that is too low)
2. Reverb cascade, 35% damage to shield generator, must have for torpedo boat because there's no other way to damage ship itself without them
3. Penetration munitions, the only hope for actually killing properly armoured ship with torpdoes, can damage internal modules (target PP and pray)

Torpedoes have several counters:

1. High speed - well, torpedoes are really small, most ships can just outrun them, and then their turning is bad so most ships can just outturn them, even unknowingly. There's speed inheritance but it really stops working after 3 sec or so.
2. PDT - it takes around 21 seconds for one pdt to kill one torpedo so that's not too bad, but if you mount a few and then fly away, no torpedo will touch you even if your relative speed difference is just 100 m/s
3. ECM - not only does it screw tracking but also makes torpdoes "drunk" now, veering them off course
4. Staying close - well, torpedoes require time to arm itself, so if you just stay close to the enemy, he can't hit you with torps for damage

All in all, torpedoes seem to be bad right now. How do we make them useful? There are several ways to do it, in any combination:

0. Make tracking depend on external radar (that is, yours). Make it track better and fly faster if you have 7A scanner and wander around aimlessly and hitting you at 7F.
1. Get rid of priming up time allowing for close range attacks
2. Increase speed OR increase speed inheritance, allowing for longer range fast attacks
3. Improve turning speed
4. Add Huge and Large torpedo tubes with more ammo, allowing for second chances and more damage in total, OR
5. Add Huge and Large torpedo tubes with better torpedoes that fly faster, turn faster or damage harder. Or whatever. Let them have more fuel and hitpoints.
6. Remove ECM making them drunk / Allow for tracking reaquiring as long as you keep target targeted and in LOS / add some kind of KWS-like thing that lets you retarget torps if you aim at some ship and fire it up
7. Introduce RNG or differences in ECM work, such as: smaller torps have higher chance of being affected by ECM while bigger torps are affected by it less. Make it a battle between radar and ECM. Make it rely on thermal signature. Make us do something that requires skill and allows for fun.
8. Work on "incoming missiles" (or whatever it says, i can't rmeember) alert a bit - make the range of it dependent on distance, time, speed, position, etc.
9. Drop the whole reverb thing and just let torps damage hull directly, ignoring shield, like the new hatchbreakers do. Think Battlefleet Gothic :)
10. Allow for tracking assist on torpedoes by pilot/crewmember (and in future - by humans via multicrew) via telepresense, give the ability to aim the "pack leader" torpedo like modern AGTM can have

- Increased Module Storage size to 60
- Tune credits costs of Ship and Module transfer

- Reduced loading time for galaxy map
- Fixed some stalls loading the system map

I like these!

- Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed

Hope this can be toggled, I did not miss them at all...

All in all an excellent Changelog, great work guys!
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