Patch Notes Update Beta 2.2 - Update 7

Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in getting this up.

Some of you may have noticed that the Beta server has been down for a short while. This is to bring you the 7th Beta update!

Check out the change log below. The servers will be going up shortly.


2.2 Beta 7 Change Log

Stability Fixes

- Fixed error loading civilian installation
- Fixed a memory leak with the terrain compute shaders
- Updating the contents of module storage in UI was causing the UI to unlock earlier than intended fixed
- Fixed crash in outfitting where players were able to try to access data before it was ready
- Fixed an issue with a highly eccentric planet orbiting a single star and intersecting it
- Fixed an assert in CQC when damaged by an explosion from a destructible
- Module Transfer Crash - Trying to fit a module into a slot that it won't fit into fixed
- Fixed a crash when killing a faction ship
- Fix a server disconnection when boarding an SRV at a planet station after the ship has been destroyed

General Fixes/Tweaks

- Added MassLocks to Cap Ship Docks
- Fixed missing parts of starports
- Many starsystems were controlled by planet settlements. These have all been upgraded to dockable bases
- Bounty vouchers once again split between all wing members
- Allow bounties to be claimed from SRVs again
- Changed cargo scanner text to Manifest Scanner
- Added powerplay overhead cost in various places
- Fixed incorrect Imperial Cutter schematic
- Fixed some jet cone flickering
- CQC: When server logs out, make sure we clean up any pending lobbies
- NPC shouldn't advance their firegroups manager - this might explain some cases in game where NPC ships are not firing all their weapons
- Xbox One: Speculative fix for Xbox player not being restored to the island after resuming from store


- Fighter ramming not counting as illegal fixed
- Fixed the incorrect paintjobs used for red and blue in CQC
- Make sure active crew are displayed correctly
- Added an inbox notification when NPC Crew rank up
- Fixed NPC Crew profit share not increasing when ranking up


- Updated the tips referenced for political prisoner. They now display the criminal trait
- Fix error when previously occupied passenger cabins are not rebought from the resurrect screen
- Fixed passenger crime scans. Add string for passenger wanted crime


- Fix missing contract elements for delivery missions triggered by scooping an item
- Prevent disconnection when retrieving data from the previous system and we've already jumped
- Changed the panel to point to the correct text for massacre illegal and massacre skimmer mission templates - The Don't Die wrinkle now shows the correct text on the panel

Galaxy/System Map

- Fix planet scan logic to ensure that planet terrain is only visible if the planet has had a basic scan performed on it
- Fix rendering when there are only Horizons planets in a system


- Added ship summary back to ship details panels for local and remote stored ships
- Don't allow sold modules to have transfer options
- Display a 0% transfer levy when transferring a free item
- Distance Levy [Undefined] Displayed when transferring modules to your current station fixed
- Only display locally stored modules when transferring a module from storage to a pre-selected ship slot
- Fix server error after transferring cargo to a newly purchased ship
- Silent Audio on module store multiple scroll fixed

Station Services

- Fix quick restock button (was showing a full bar when empty), also remove vehicles from the calculation if not vehicle bay is present on the ship
- Adjusted the faction name label within the News Panel. It will now resize and add an ellipses when required
- Fix the contact panel avatar loading (triangles animation)


- Hatch breakers can now be blown up by point defence

Player Journal

- Fixed the 'abandon' flag in player journal for cargo ejected from SRV
- Fixed typo in player journal for ModuleRetrieve which was causing broken json
- Fixed missing 'Module' tag in JetConeDamage playerjournal entry
- Some non-settlements were being reported via the "ApproachSettlement" journal entry - was potentially revealing secrets
- Fixed "TransferCost" key in "FetchRemoteModule" journal entry
Hello Zac and thank you for another update! I know it's getting a bit too late for... well, everything, but still, mind if i just repost my post about torpedoes and hope for an answer? :)

So, torpedoes. Let me try and sum on my thoughts.

Situation right now: there are basically three kinds of torpedoes.

1. Basic torps, missiles but worse (take out external modules but fly too slow and have ammo that is too low)
2. Reverb cascade, 35% damage to shield generator, must have for torpedo boat because there's no other way to damage ship itself without them
3. Penetration munitions, the only hope for actually killing properly armoured ship with torpdoes, can damage internal modules (target PP and pray)

Torpedoes have several counters:

1. High speed - well, torpedoes are really small, most ships can just outrun them, and then their turning is bad so most ships can just outturn them, even unknowingly. There's speed inheritance but it really stops working after 3 sec or so.
2. PDT - it takes around 21 seconds for one pdt to kill one torpedo so that's not too bad, but if you mount a few and then fly away, no torpedo will touch you even if your relative speed difference is just 100 m/s
3. ECM - not only does it screw tracking but also makes torpdoes "drunk" now, veering them off course
4. Staying close - well, torpedoes require time to arm itself, so if you just stay close to the enemy, he can't hit you with torps for damage

All in all, torpedoes seem to be bad right now. How do we make them useful? There are several ways to do it, in any combination:

0. Make tracking depend on external radar (that is, yours). Make it track better and fly faster if you have 7A scanner and wander around aimlessly and hitting you at 7F.
1. Get rid of priming up time allowing for close range attacks
2. Increase speed OR increase speed inheritance, allowing for longer range fast attacks
3. Improve turning speed
4. Add Huge and Large torpedo tubes with more ammo, allowing for second chances and more damage in total, OR
5. Add Huge and Large torpedo tubes with better torpedoes that fly faster, turn faster or damage harder. Or whatever. Let them have more fuel and hitpoints.
6. Remove ECM making them drunk / Allow for tracking reaquiring as long as you keep target targeted and in LOS / add some kind of KWS-like thing that lets you retarget torps if you aim at some ship and fire it up
7. Introduce RNG or differences in ECM work, such as: smaller torps have higher chance of being affected by ECM while bigger torps are affected by it less. Make it a battle between radar and ECM. Make it rely on thermal signature. Make us do something that requires skill and allows for fun.
8. Work on "incoming missiles" (or whatever it says, i can't rmeember) alert a bit - make the range of it dependent on distance, time, speed, position, etc.
9. Drop the whole reverb thing and just let torps damage hull directly, ignoring shield, like the new hatchbreakers do. Think Battlefleet Gothic :)
10. Allow for tracking assist on torpedoes by pilot/crewmember (and in future - by humans via multicrew) via telepresense, give the ability to aim the "pack leader" torpedo like modern AGTM can have


I know balancing is hard, but even the fact that this is a known problem would make me less of a sad panda.
Nobody post anything! I've heard they'll keep doing betas until we have nothing further to ask for or complain about!


FD won't release until the critical bugs have been fixed, they cannot go fixing bugs forever (a software without bug is nearly impossible), they have budget constraints to respect, remember that's about 100 people working on this project.

Thanks Frontier! looking forward to the release :)

Commander TNX
EDIT: Been confirmed as a bug. FDEV are, however, moving the originally touted QoL feature (3D surface map) behind a Detailed Surface Scan - which is pointless and disappointing.

This is truly terrible FDEV.

It has officially ruined my immersion because you have removed the telescopes from the basic scanner.

Awful, awful thing.

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Thank you Zac/Fdevs,

Sandro said a mission refresh was coming in this beta on the last stream. Has that been added too?

Good luck on 2.2. It's all coming along nicely :)
Wasn't expecting another beta update this week, excellent work.
Looks like release next week then.....
My bet is on Wednesday.
This better come with a boost to payouts from exploring planets... if we can no longer tell if they are worth it or not. :(
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This is truly terrible FDEV.

It has officially ruined my immersion because you have removed the telescopes from the basic scanner.

Awful, awful thing.

That looks bloody awful. I do not like it at all. :mad:

If it stays like that my exploration days will be over, suface scanning every planet is just a serious grind fest. How on earth would you find any earth like worlds?
The is no way in this world I am scanning every single body just to know what it looks like.
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We don't have telescopes in the 3300's ?

This is beyond .

Forgive me if I've misunderstood but ... we have scanners (which are better than telescopes), and what they've done is changed it so you can't see the planet until you've used your scanner?

Seems fine to me, or have I missed something?
Quick question: How many systems have you visited, and what is your maximum distance travelled from Sol?

CMDR grnbrg.

I'm not an explorer, but i really think since Alpha and beta, having all body mapping with a discovering scanner is stupid. This is my point, i understand your, and i have no doubt FD will rollback this move in order to make exploration like it is now in 2.1
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