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Brett C

Hello Beta Testers of Planet Coaster! With the release of Planet Coaster on the 17th of November... that’s tomorrow, can you believe it!?! We’ve closed off the following forums to further discussion so that the team can wrap up gathering feedback and bug report resolution...

We thank you for your feedback, bug reports, and everything else in between! Your continued feedback has helped make Planet Coaster the most amazing Coaster Park game to date.

As always, you can continue discussing Planet Coaster in our main Planet Coaster forum sections here: - We have a forum for your suggestions of future content which you can post to here: - we look forward to your continued discussion, creations and feedback!

But the Connie Express isn’t stopping there, join Bo, Ed and other members of the team during our launch party live stream on YouTube! We begin our live stream event at 7PM GMT at

See you soon!

EDIT - This will be happening tomorrow not today. Sorry for the confusion.
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Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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