Beta: Something should be done urgently with log records! No influence info on completion

OK, here is a sample of mission with selecting addirional influence on completion. Two log records.

{ "timestamp":"2018-01-27T04:34:34Z", "event":"MissionAccepted", "Faction":"Alliance of BD+47 2112", "Name":"Mission_Courier_Boom", "LocalisedName":"Доставка данных бума", "TargetFaction":"Morgor Crimson Pirates", "DestinationSystem":"Morgor", "DestinationStation":"Romanek's Folly", "Expiry":"2018-01-28T04:00:04Z", "Influence":"Med", "Reputation":"Med", "Reward":28736, "MissionID":287236455 }

{ "timestamp":"2018-01-27T04:51:46Z", "event":"MissionCompleted", "Faction":"Alliance of BD+47 2112", "Name":"Mission_Courier_Boom_name", "MissionID":287236455, "TargetFaction":"Morgor Crimson Pirates", "DestinationSystem":"Morgor", "DestinationStation":"Romanek's Folly", "Reward":80000 }

Additional influence was selected on completion - no traps in the log. Reward is higher due 2 tome bouns. The mission was single, not multi-ship, taken & completed in solo mode
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